The threat of dismissal or the award: the Ministry of Finance found a way to promote officials

The Finance Ministry has found a new way to promote officials. The proposals of the office are contained in a public project, which implies a reduction of the limit to the number of Federal civil servants. Freed up funds can be directed to award the remaining officials. All Federal agencies to prepare a plan to reduce staff, which, after consider in the Ministry of Finance.

photo: Marat Abulhasan

The draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers about the reduction by limiting the number of Federal civil servants and employees of Federal bodies of Executive power developed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The document is published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

After such reduction will have released a lot of money, I believe in the Finance Ministry. The money the Finance Ministry proposes to put on the financial incentives of remaining in the civil service officials.

The Agency also considers it necessary to increase the budget allocation for the bonuses of officials in proportion to the reduction in funds for staff salaries per year. This budget allocation for awards will keep for the next and subsequent years.

All Federal agencies within a month to prepare projects to optimize the management system and submit them to the Commission for administrative reform. Then they will come for consideration to the Ministry of Finance.

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