The transport of the future. Where in Moscow you can ride the bus?

Chinese bus Yutong: 73 passengers and a maximum speed of 69 km/h, range – 200 km. © /

Eugene Novozenina

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Next stop

“Complete the trials of the Russian sample and starts the trial operation of Chinese models – explains the chief engineer of “mosgortransa” Pavel Khmelev. – Both of them tested on route M2 “Fili – metro station “China town” with a different load. This allows to study the characteristics of the rolling stock and most accurately to formulate the final requirements for the bus to Moscow.”

Electric is the future. How to make Moscow cleaner?

By the way, the Chinese version – this is the sixth kind of innovative form of public transport (in addition to domestic cars as “contestants” has been made by Belarusian and Finnish). So a complete transition to electricity is not the distant future, and in fact the next “stop”.

“We made changes to the state program, 2021 providing for the purchase of buses only, – said the head of the Department of transport of Moscow Maxim Liksutov. Now the city government together with Russia’s largest automakers is preparing a contest. This is the annual purchase of 300 buses for the 2018-2020 Moscow will become one of the world’s largest cities by the number of public electric transport. We are finalizing the samples with the manufacturers. We have one goal – choose the technical solution that will allow you to work in Moscow”.

It should be noted that an indispensable condition of future contracts – a production technique solely on the territory of Russia.

— Sergey Sobyanin (@MosSobyanin) 21 Jul 2017

Why do we need driver?

Muscovites owning personal electric vehicles, will provide additional Parking privileges (in addition to the existing law are free to leave their cars in the paid areas). According to Maxim Liksutov, soon at least one Parking place near each charging docks for carts (there now you can Park any car).

The 5 most “clean” automotive technologies

In Moscow already go and ground “drones”. However, while this prototype. Develops their Central scientific research automobile and engine Institute NAMI. And last week at the unmanned small class bus “Shuttle” ride Prime Minister Medvedev. In the current and following years, domestic producers will receive virtually any 1.2 billion in state subsidies – on vehicle with remote and Autonomous control. Maybe the world forecast that by 2020, 17% of all cars rolling off the Assembly line will have an electric motor, will come true in Russia?

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