The U.S. army published a manual on the new tactics of Russian troops

Group asymmetrical war, the US Army published a manual about the new battle tactics of the Russian troops. In it, in particular, advice is given to us troops to counter Russian

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The US army published the “Handbook on Russian military Affairs of the new generation”, which is intended to raise awareness about American military tactics of Russia in hybrid war.

Unclassified manual was released in December 2016, for domestic use, but published on the website PublicIntelligence for free download only on 18 September, this was brought to the attention of the publication National Interest. The authors of the book indicated the U.S. Army and a Group of asymmetrical warfare (Part of the command of the US Army training). The guide studied Russian hybrid military tactics and how she can resist American troops.

65-page manual contains photos of Russian military equipment with descriptions, which, according to the authors, Russia could use in the conditions of modern military conflict. The insights in the book are made based on the actions of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea, which were attended by units of special forces, sometimes under the cover, and a small heavily armed regular units that support the local separatist groups, writes the National Interest.

In the manual specifically says that the new Russian strategy aimed at regime change with the support of local separatist groups. “As the new goal is a complete change of system state, the current Russian approach uses all the levers of pressure to achieve these changes”, — stated in the manual. However, it notes that not all regime change must occur with the involvement of the military.

The guide also describes several weaknesses of the Russian forces can use the forces of the United States. They, as noted by the National Interest, reminiscent of the weaknesses of the Soviet army. “The soldiers call there is a lack of motivation (although the Russian army is becoming more professional). Tactical leadership formulary, weak logistics, air – and you can be powerful, but inaccurate”, — writes the edition.

The authors recommend the US military to train to fight in conditions where communication and GPS are jammed by electronic means, as well as remind you that the big command centers with antennas will bring a massive fire from the Russian military. Nevertheless, the authors notice that modern electronic warfare and air support is in short supply in the Russian army are concentrated in Kaliningrad, Ukraine and Syria. “They lack the strength needed to compensate the systematic loss and functioning on a broad front. The loss of even one such system — a serious blow to the Russian military”, — stated in the manual.

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