The Village Of Sadness. Treshevsky trying to live after the death of the children in Kemerovo

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A few days ago, the fifth-grader from the village treshevsky the Kemerovo region together with the teacher went to the regional center to watch a movie “Sherlock Gnomes”. For children it was an event: in the village there is no cinema, slot machines, no promenade and cotton candy… And in the yard vacation. Showed the cartoon at the Mall, “Winter cherry”.

“Love all. Perhaps, forgive.” The dead and the survivors in “Winter cherry”

Bitter glory

In Tradescom lives of about 700 people. Basically, says the head Asinovskogo rural settlement Vladimir treatment, was already retired. Youth after school went to town, and then rarely returned. Nine-year-old school — the only one in the village. In her study of 80 children. In the fifth grade — just 12. Of these, six girls went to the cinema. It was a gift from my parents. Mom and dad wanted to please their girls and encourage them for a good education.

Arriving with a group in Kemerovo, the teacher sent the children to the cartoon, and she decided to go shopping. When the fire started, the teacher managed to run out of the burning “Winter cherry”, but the door of the hall with the children was blocked. “Recently, journalists broke into the house to the parents of the dead girl… Asked about her daughter, pictures to show, about the fire and asked the teacher. But mom’s grief! And the teacher’s heart is breaking! Well, she didn’t abandon the children, she was in the same shopping center, but the cartoon did not. Now, like all parents, can’t stop crying,” says local resident Nicholas. “It hurts that this is what Popping is famous in the whole country, before something no one knew about our farm, even in Moscow, not in Moscow!” adds his companion Vladimir. Really, the village taxi driver had to look on the Navigator. The emptiness of the streets, the men explain that with the girls all died treshevsky. People experience their grief. And just don’t want to talk about it.

Photo: AiF/ Natalia Isayeva

Always returned

The village crowded around the silence and some poignant emptiness. It seems that now there are more journalists with cameras and microphones than local residents. “Rescuers arrived quickly, no need to cheat… But the cinema was closed, Yes,” discuss the tragedy in “Winter cherry” at the bus stop. But from journalists literally run away: “get out of here, we have a grief!”

Photo: AiF/ Natalia Isayeva

In a two-story brick school, empty light corridors. The classes are nothing like the modern city: old computers, wooden painted desks, tattered map in geography. But it is possible to look only briefly, because in the school of vanity and mourning. “Our school is very good. Children after school and go to volleyball and basketball, and skiing. Try to the children was always busy with something. Of course, the equipment we are weak. But it isn’t what we have a computer, and how the teacher teaches to work with him. Students have little, so we can time to pay each of them. This is a big plus for rural schools,” says Director Paul Orlinski. Other employee of the school complains that the Windows are old and the roof is thin. From the Windows blowing scary and insulated constantly. But frames are wooden. And the roof is patched, but heavy rains still running.

Chaos, cowardice, indifference. What killed people in the “Winter cherry”?

“It was tradition to transport children to the regional center during after school hours. On vacation parents always bought the kids tickets to the movie or the theater. We have no such thing,” says the Director. The village also has a club. It has dancing and singing, but no trampolines and slot machines. There the whole village to celebrate the New year and pancake day, but do not show cartoons and performances.

In the hallway on one wall, trophies and certificates that bring students from regional competitions and Olympiads. The other is the memory wall, Pictures of the six girls who will never return from theater. They, too, were the pride of the school. Sang and danced, was a good student and won at the Olympics.

“My brother is studying in the eighth grade. He also wanted to go, but they have the teacher got sick, so the trip was canceled… They always went in the “Winter cherry”, because everything, next: trampolines, games room, cinema. Just set down company with parents and teacher on the bus (he four times a day we walk to Kemerovo) and drove again. Tired because all the time in the village to sit, want to see kids saw the city,” — says a local resident Olga.

Photo: AiF/ Natalia Isayeva

Poor, but friendly

Popping — the village is very poor. His enterprise there, so people mostly go in Kemerovo or Furnace. “It was previously a farm “Stud 131″. The main direction he was horse. Since ancient times we have bred thoroughbred racehorse… Then everything faded. The plant is now in their hands took enthusiast from Kemerovo. People interested, my eyes are burning! Trying to revive the economy. The success is already there: our guys even on the trotters on the competition go! It is encouraging”, — said Vladimir treatment. And from the old farms that were used to keep cows, leaving only ruins…

“Grabbed them and dragged…” ordinary people who saved children in the fire in the Kemerovo

The village is friendly and still holds, although job creation remained only school, housing, orphanage club, four stores and a stud, says Elena, another local. For children there is an old playgrounds. There is a club in which kids play during the holidays. Now even charge for entry began to take to the children to make gifts.

“Children have died is our common trouble. No family in the side of the left. Now, it seems, they last under a window played…” — says local resident Anna.

Now the whole village is waiting for a terrible funeral, because identification has not yet carried out, the bodies didn’t.

Photo: AiF/ Natalia Isayeva

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