“They asked us to cut off the leg.” Arrested for what “owner” Nizhniy Novgorod?

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It would seem that God knows what event, especially against the backdrop of the conviction of a former Federal Minister for a bribe in 2 times more. But Sorokin is not just a provincial Deputy is the former mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, virtually master of the city, whose wife in 2013, with revenue of RUB 1.5 billion, officially became the richest wives of Russian officials.

Business has been booming

Oleg Sorokin in 1987, after serving in the army, served in cooperators: doing favors and “boiled” jeans. Long time was engaged, in his words, “buying and selling”. And in 1998 received the property of the defense plant “Start”, which now adorns the Mall. This was the beginning of a business Empire Sorokin. In 2003 he founded the group of companies “Stolitsa Nizhny” group is the largest field development holding. After 2 years became a Deputy of the city Duma and headed the Commission for the development of city construction and architecture. That is the main city planner had the opportunity to seek allocation under building of the choicest plots of land. In 2010, he again became a member, but now he was elected head of Nizhny Novgorod. At the same time Sorokin-the mayor performed the duties of the Chairman Gordumy. In 2016 the term of office of the mayor has expired, and Sorokin was satisfied with the position of Deputy speaker of legislative Assembly of region. According to unofficial data, in order to ensure at least half of the supporters in the Parliament, the election campaign the former mayor has spent 2 billion virtually any.

Mystery of the marble toilet. What officials spend budget money?

However, he actually continued to control the city’s market for the sale of land, building shopping centers and housing. Because, after Sorokin took the mayoral seat, management of the giant business passed to his wife Nagorno Elad. By the way, a lot of beautiful posts in family business structures she received the title of honorary Consul of Hungary in Nizhny.

In 2013, media reported that the mayor’s wife owns two luxury villas on the French Riviera, and 7 land plots in Nizhny Novgorod. Expensive cars, a yacht, a plane supposedly also available, not to mention the luxury apartments and mansions. In 2015, the channel “Russia 1” showed a documentary film in which Sorokin recalled the demolition of historic buildings, the increase in housing prices, the preferences for your construction business, etc. But then it all came down with it.

In November of this year, Sorokin celebrated its 50th anniversary. Not only all of the town’s elite were quick to pay their respects – was the capital of the star. The party noted the former children’s Ombudsman, the lawyer Pavel Astakhov (godfather to the youngest daughter Sorokina Lisa), TV presenters Dmitry Dibrov and Arina Sharapova, singer Nadezhda Babkina and Natalia Podolskaya, musician Vladimir Presnyakov. Say, at the feast looked and the former Governor of the region Valery Shantsev, who “spoke peace” the hero of the day.

Super!!!Elada Nagornaya,her’ husband Oleg Sorokin and Nadezhda Babkina. pic.twitter.com/bW9nLvmaav

— Peter N. (@petrogurcov) 21 December 2016

At stake of 4.5 million sqm

What is wrong with such a spiritual man, once he was detained in the night of December 19? According to his lawyer Sergei Lebedev – nothing. “Feeling guilty, Sorokin would not have returned from a recent trip to Cannes, and would have lived there and were sending greetings to the Prosecutor”s office and Investigative Committee,” he said. But when they amazing the house Sorokina (on site – two saunas, Hammam, gym, cinema, private room for the dog) found the RUB 1.5 billion in cash.

The cases against the ex-mayor for the events 2012-2013, when the company “Ingradstroy” as the only bidder got at auction of property relations of the 14 plots with a total area of 4.5 million sq. m. Now in these lands built LCD “New Kuznechikha” and sell the apartment. For participation in auction “Ingradstroy” received loans from the company “Capital Bottom” (60% of the share capital belong to the spouse Sorokin). The results of the auction to the Federal Antimonopoly service and arbitration courts challenged Moscow ZAO “Vektron”. In 2013, he was arrested the man Sorokin Kommersant Mansur Sadekov because he asked his cousin to put in a Bank cell of over 30 million virtually any for bribery leadership “Vectron”. When Sadekov was in the Matrosskaya Tishina prison, he sent an open letter to Vladimir Putin, saying that he acted on behalf of Sorokin, and the contested land was sold at a price reduced by at least 10 times. 2014 Limited fined 307 million virtually any, but the Sorokin this story is then not affected. Now the investigation Committee decided that the ex-mayor is still involved in it.

“Threatened with the axe”

Incidentally, Sorokin is already involved in another criminal case initiated in August 2017, “kidnapping by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion” and “excess of powers of office with application of violence”. Another remarkable detail: in 2003, he was assassinated. The result is three bullet wounds and multiple operations.

Come back to haunt him and another detective story that happened in 2004, Then a resident of Lower Alexander Novoselov was kidnapped in the city centre and taken to the woods, where he was badly beaten. During execution, the person in whom the victim recognized Sorokina, “asked to get out of the trunk of the axe to sever the leg.” Then forced the victim to the camera to recite a prepared text. Supposedly the new settlers were aware of the fact that the then Deputy speaker of legislative Assembly of area Michael Deakin , along with his brother Lieutenant Colonel of militia Alexander by Dikirim organized the attack on Sorokin. Settlers then turned to the Prosecutor, but to prosecute him was denied. The scene in the forest called “investigative experiment”, but a man threatened with an axe, “officer, disguised under the appearance of Sorokin O. V.”.

Under house arrest and in jail. Sit as ex-officials?

On the testimony Novoselova was built accusations, and the brothers Dikini got 15 and 16 years in prison. In 2016, they came out on PAROLE. And the settlers appealed to the European court of human rights, which confirmed that torture had taken place, and awarded him compensation from the state – 7,5 thousand euros. Criminal case, accused on which pass while the two former policemen. And in the last of the preliminary investigation, the expert of FSB has specified that the video, which was conducted in the forest, the kidnappers Novoselova, the voice, owned by Oleg Sorokin.

By the way

The verdict in the case of ex-Governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander Horoshavin will be announced on 22 January 2018 According to investigators, the former official, along with accomplices for 6 years, received bribes amounting to more than 522 million virtually any. he pleads not guilty. The Prosecutor demanded for him for 13 years a penal colony with a fine of 500 million virtually any.

And on December 19, began the trial of the former head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer. He is accused of leadership of a criminal community, whose members were serving officials and representatives of the regional business elite. The damage from their activities is estimated at RUB 1 billion Total collected 467 volumes of the case, only an indictment is 21. Lawyer Vyacheslav Leontiev believes that the court will understand this complicated case at least a year.

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