Three Russian stadium for the 2018 world Cup has not received the operating permit

FIFA Commission recently completed a global inspection of the stadiums built for the world Cup. Now in the host cities prepare for the upcoming test matches. However, permission to commissioning was received while not all of the arena.


Moscow and St.-Petersburg Committee of FIFA, headed by the Director of the Department for preparation and holding of competitions, Colin Smith, as well as representatives of organizing Committee “Russia-2018” checked in February. In early March, they paid a visit to Rostov-on-don, Sochi and Kazan. The third race fell on the newest, and some of them and the most problematic stadiums Yekaterinburg, Samara, Saransk, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd and Kaliningrad.

Before all of the latter were handed the stadium in Yekaterinburg, and that he therefore praised the most. Already on 1 April, next Sunday, it will host the first test match, “Ural” in the championship of Russia will be held in “Rubin”.

Other stadiums like Colin Smith was also satisfied despite the fact that three of them — arena Samara, Saransk and Volgograd — have not yet received the permission to commissioning. In a friendly company ready stadiums “Mordovia-Arena” and “Volgograd-the Arena” waiting in the coming days. Samara is more complicated. But as “MK” explained the organizing Committee “Russia-2018”, the only thing there is cause for concern — laying field. Under the regulation without the field of the stadium can not be accepted. And the average daily temperature in Samara is still not possible to start laying the lawn. Is a minus on the thermometer will not turn into a stable plus, “sand-gravel-drainage” Foundation for the field warming up artificially. The risk in this case there is only one: do not catch the grass to the first test match, which is scheduled at the local “Wings of the Soviets” on April 28. If the spring in Samara continues to refuse to come, the timing of the testing arena will move.

Of course, the announcement of the stadiums are completely ready does not mean that the walls placed the last strokes of paint, with seats washed away construction dust and bars has brought a soda. Most of them are still ongoing cosmetic work, installation of seats. Operational readiness means that the stadium has all the systems, elevators, electricity, heating, etc.

Fans will soon be able to see everything with your own eyes during the test matches. And wishing, as it turns out, quite a lot.

Anxiety that needed filling stadiums for test matches will be difficult to achieve, especially in the matches of the FNL, is not justified. The new arena want to see all, even those who are not an active football fan.

Every new arena needs to hold three test matches. At first, the plan of the Ministry of sports, the download stadium must be at least 15-20 thousand spectators, the second — 20-25 thousand and three, the situation should be as close as possible “to combat”, similar to the game of the world Cup. Let not full, but at least 30 thousand spectators should come. Now from the regions report: in Nizhny Novgorod needed 15 thousand tickets were sold; in Volgograd in two days of sales were sold six thousand tickets, although the game will take place on 21 April; in Kaliningrad “Baltika” also quickly sells the seats, they say, even the queues are.

Meanwhile, in the grid test matches and has not appeared Sochi stadium “Fisht”. As explained “MK” the organizing Committee “Russia-2018”, in Sochi they will not, because the stadium was tested at the Confederations Cup in the summer of 2017.

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