“Traitor Vostrikov”. As people who have lost family, became the victim of bullying

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The tragedy of the “Winter cherry” has many aspects. Aephi at the as trying to cover not only the events and their causes, but also everything that surrounds one of the worst disasters in the history of modern Russia.

We have already talked about the unprecedented campaign of fakes, which collapsed on the heads of the people and citizens of Russia in the first hours of the tragedy.

Those who stood for stuffing about “300 corpses” and “200 tombs” were not satisfied. They just changed tactics.

“The hall was sitting, waiting for help.” Who locked the doors to the theater “Winter cherry”?

“My family’s gone”

The face of Kemerovo of the accident was a 31-year-old Igor Vostrikov. The man lost his whole family — “Winter cherry” lost his wife, two sons, a daughter and a younger sister. They were in the cinema hall, from where almost nobody managed to get out.

It was the words Vostrikova that people locked in the cinema and then came to the rescue, dispersed across all media.

The man was one of the protagonists of the rally, which was held in Kemerovo on March 27.
On the eve of the social network Vostrikov wrote: “My family is no more. To blame the regime in my country… Putin is himself personally of all the (dot) to punish: the decree to test all TTS, but we still have many other institutions, there are just old houses, old hospitals of tragedy can happen anywhere! 27.03. in Kemerovo the meeting will be held from 9.00 Square tips. Come in what you can.”

Chaos, cowardice, indifference. What killed people in the “Winter cherry”?

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“You must take a high place in the city hall”

The rally was attended by thousands of people. Right on the square there was a stage, which has also become known throughout the country. Vice-Governor Sergey Tsivilev, clearly not knowing who he faces, threw Vostrikov: “Young man, are you advertized on the hill want?”.

Millions of people sincerely sympathized with the man. And some believed that he need to go into politics.

Here is a typical post of this sort: “I think you should take a high place in the city or region. To begin To change this system, because of which killed many innocent children.”

Figure Vostrikova began to actively “roll out” a number of media, bloggers, and representatives of non-system opposition. However, the views of Igor on this account they, apparently, didn’t ask.

The first failure occurred just around the tale of the “300 dead”. The initiative group of citizens gathered at the rally, toured the morgue, Kemerovo, and then announced the result really killed 64 people. Also collapsed and the version of 200 secret graves, prepared in the local cemetery.

When Vostrikov said this, people who just a few hours ago idolized him, said: “We don’t believe you”.

Hunters of the dead. Who’s been spreading lies about the tragedy in the “Winter cherry”?

“My whole family… And you say I’m on the side of the administration”

The man repeatedly said that it is important for him to know the truth about what happened and to punish those who are guilty in the tragedy. But those who already saw him as a new politician, I was expecting something different.

On the morning of March 29, Vostrikov was forced to spread in social networks a video message. Barely holding back tears, he said: “the Internet is Now walks a lot of information about where I went… to the point that I fake, and the worst part is that I’m standing on the side of the administration… Information twist… gone… All my family no… And you say that I’m on the side of the administration. She made this tragedy because of their alleged corruption. Firefighters who took it all… Also there are still questions to how has extinguished the fire as quickly there the rescuers arrived, how quickly they began to put out… wasn’t a helicopter involved calculations… Who is there to decide the fire?”.

Speaking about the accusations that he “defected to the government,” Vostrikov said — he was given the opportunity to see the video that shows that the doors to the cinema were closed not by someone from employees of a shopping center, but by the audience. They could not break through the wall of smoke with small children and was hoping to wait for assistance, trying to block the access of smoke to the hall.

It became clear that the man does not want to face any political force, at least for now, when not buried by his relatives.

And someone decided again not to make Vostrikova “fighter against the regime”, it is necessary to make him a “sell mode”.

Video from Mr. Khodorkovsky

In the Internet appeared the video of the speech of Igor Vostrikov and members of the initiative group in front of reporters. The authorship of the video belongs to “MBH media” — the Internet resource of the infamous Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The roller are made of professional — phrase Vostrikova built so that there was no doubt that he solely expresses a sense of loyalty to the authorities: “We are being manipulated. Terrible to realize that all of these three days we did absolutely not so. Had to deal with how proactive the group is that the actions of the Ministry. And we are here — these maydanschikov — just take the other way, you know, to guide us in the administration there, Putin, in the end. Regarding Vladimir Putin, you know very well that — let’s call right — he’s not the President and the king. Full power. Good, bad, probably, the power should be strong. In my General opinion.”

What began after that in social networks, otherwise bullying will not name.

Particularly active citizens tried to Express their opinion directly on the personal page Vostrikova.
Here, for example, that the user writes a novel Zlobin:

“Igor Vostrikov, the man who in the fire in #Kemerovo lost his family, all burned, sister, wife and three children. A couple of days ago he was blaming Putin for the tragedy, Tuleyev and the corrupt system that Putin has built, demanding their resignation. Yesterday at a press conference said that to blame the Maidan and Putin is the king, and that power had no complaints. In General, the jacket he is in Kemerovo jacket, ready mother, the family to sell.

Do you like this cleaning the brain? He sold his family and change his shoes to do the same. Now sits and the face is drawn. Talking about nothing to stall for time. A good actor was.
Now waiting for it in the state Duma, and paired with Solovyov on the radio.”

“Grabbed them and dragged…” ordinary people who saved children in the fire in the Kemerovo

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“Export” this — initially a fake project gebuhi”

There are worse things than. For example, someone under the name Cudzysziftskwowkss Uctxofsjwbbw: “Well, how does it feel to betray family and friends for the sake of money and their own ass? To bring honor, dignity, and all for the sake of millions? As like you, the earth is corrupt scum…”.

The user Nikolay Sumerkin: “After that he began to tell Vostrikov about the independence and credibility of Putin’s power, it’s hard to believe him that the door wasn’t locked, and was barricaded by the dead. Perhaps he began to press and forced to speak what is beneficial to the authorities.”

Stanislav Wise gives this theory: “no Matter what is said Vostrikov. Matter who did this to him. It can not buy (he will receive compensation of about 20 million roubles), to intimidate, too, is hardly (it is unclear what to lose). Very similar to the history Maximenko from the UK, which the FSB was given the drugs, and he incriminated himself”.

There is something worse, for example, Sarah Jane Darkness : “Conspiracy #version.
Why not assume that “export” this — initially a fake project gebuhi embedded in a mass of grieving relatives of the dead children? That is to say favourable to the authorities of speech, to extinguish the protests? To draw in the VC everything is possible.”

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“Maybe what he suggested, will help him somehow to go on living”

There seems to be sympathetic. For example, on his page on Facebook sympathizes with the famous journalist Yevgenia Albats: “pity this guy, Vostrikova. And all of it is forgivable for the grief that befell him, and which it is impossible to survive. Let’s not judge him. He lost everything in life, all the wife, sister, three children. Maybe what he suggested, will help him somehow to live on. And GD forbid”.

Sympathized with and well-known blogger Rustem Adagamov: “27th Vostrikov wrote here. I in turn do not blame them, I would be in his place, probably just died and he is still alive and can even write and speak. God will judge him, not us.”

And here is the header of the portal Days.ru : “Igor Vostrikov blames for the tragedy of the victims themselves: They had waited”.

The Ukrainian edition of “Browser”: “”Putin — the Tsar!”. Lost family Russian shocked by a statement about the fire in Kemerovo”.

And so on and so forth. Respect to the human tragedy it is not — Vostrikova openly trying to crush, like he’s a major political figure.

“I want to cry”. In Kemerovo The President promised that the guilty will be punished

This is similar to the incitement to suicide

Why? One of the famous bloggers, now living in Prague, in a video dedicated to the “hundreds of corpses of children”, mentioned in passing on a “suicide family”.

So far, thank God, people who have lost loved ones, holding on. But judging by what happens to someone: these is really needed.

The campaign, which is deployed against Igor Vostrikov, very similar to the attempt of bringing to the extreme. Need someone who “will not say too much”, and it can safely be used as a banner of struggle with power or anything.

Anonymous users and venerable journalists should remember that such an act is a criminal offence.

Igor Vostrikov and all the relatives and friends of victims of the tragedy in Kemerovo — the courage and patience.

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