Ukraine fast: the population has no money for food

Ukraine joined the list of countries in which there is a shortage of products. Square has put in one number with such countries as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen. Just report the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the world food programme (WFP) are 16 distressed countries. Experts of “MK” said, establish whether the citizens Square to malnutrition and hunger.


Specialists of the international organization stressed that food security in these countries undermine in the first place, armed conflicts.

“It is not surprising that Ukraine is among those countries with negative indicators on the basis of the socio-economic policy pursued by the present leadership of the country, — said political analyst Denis Denisov. — If you take other statistics, in particular, salaries and pensions, at the moment, Ukraine is in last place among all European countries. For all time of independence was not like this. People with a minimum pensions, minimum wages can’t provide for themselves including a minimum set of food products. The minimum pension in Ukraine is about $50-60. Not always the money even enough to cover utilities, not to mention the means to buy food”.

According to him, the prospects are obvious, if trends in the economy of Ukraine and social security will not change. “Based on the fact that reforms are taking place on the patterns of the International monetary Fund (IMF), we can assume that the social situation will only get worse, — said the expert. IMF has no time on the example of other countries has demonstrated that for the sake of a balanced budget and a more or less acceptable indicators of the economy you can go to a serious reduction in any social benefits, and did not think about how it will affect the vast majority of the population.”

Malnutrition can touch a large part of the population of Ukraine, as the country is a negative leader income per capita, said the chief researcher of the Center for agrifood policy IPEA Ranhigs Vasily Uzun. “Speaking of food shortages in Ukraine, meaning its economic inaccessibility for citizens, he explained. — Due to the fact that revenues plummeted, and payments for gas, electricity, all utility services has grown, the population has no money to buy food. It’s not about the physical lack of food in Ukraine. The country is the largest exporter of food. It sells more oil than Russia and a lot of grain and other products. Ukraine exports products, sell, and businessmen earn huge money and have foreign currency income, at the time, as the population does not have access to food in the absence of money.”

The specialist noted that “if you don’t stop the impoverishment, malnutrition and starvation is quite probable”.

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