Under the sign of “the numbers.” The IT market in Russia may increase threefold

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Oleg Kungurov

At the London School of Economics hosted the tenth annual “Russian business Week”. Speakers of the forum were the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Pyotr Aven, Alexei Kudrin, Boris Titov and other representatives of Russian business and politics.

Current anniversary meeting of Russian entrepreneurs with business representatives of great Britain, passed under the sign of the digital economy.

Without investing in the trust. What will be the business of the XXI century?

The founder of Fund of development “Fundery” Edward Lunch, made a report on Russia’s place in the digital world. At the moment IT market, according to Lanchava, occupies only 3% of Russian GDP. According to the speaker, by 2025, this share can be increased threefold. Citing an analyst at the international consulting company McKinsey, Lunch, noted that the intelligent digitalization of the Russian economy will allow Russian GDP to grow in the amount of from 4 to 8 virtually any trillion by 2025. Production and logistics can be, according to Lanchava, to optimize thanks to the control of processes in real time. New methods for prototyping new tools to analyze large amounts of data will improve the efficiency of scientific research.

The theme of the digitalization of the economy has continued a strategic partner of the retail business unit of Alfa-Bank Dmitry Vakin. He noted that the most successful companies have a strong IT component, so the future of banks in digital technology. The main asset is the customer information, which means banks need to work with big data, business intelligence and machine learning.

In the jubilee of the “Russian business Week” also took part the General Manager of Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited Katherine Newman, financial Director, Nord Stream 2 Paul Corcoran, the chief editor of the magazine “New literary review” Irina Prokhorov, Deputy head of the Department of culture of Moscow Vladimir Filippov and many others.

Nord Stream Financial Director Paul Corcoran 2. Photo: Oleg Kungurov

The General partner of the event this year was the University “synergy”. “Week of Russian business” is based at the London school of Economics. Cooperation with this institution is important and useful both from the point of view of the development of the curricula for Economics and business, and from the point of view of exchange of experience between us. In addition, the format of the “Russian business Week” allows for events to carry out various negotiations between Russian and international businesses on common issues and in the debate on specific points,” — said the Executive Director of the University Vadim Lobov.

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