Usain Bolt lost: “I killed the start…”

After the race Usain Bolt congratulated Justin Gatlin to victory. The American took a knee and bowed to the Bolt. Odinnadtsatimetrovy world champion hugged the winner. Not just a champion – and winning the great Sprinter, did not know how to share a sprint with rivals, forced to talk about yourself and laymen and specialists, who carried the world for over a decade.

The finish of the historic race

Better Justin Gatlin was the loser. He pressed a finger to her lips, when in the first seconds after the victory of the tribune awarded him with resentment, not enthusiasm. He will have it mentally to do many more times. And some would call him a thief “stole the victory” of the Bolt.

Hugged Bolt and Christian Coleman, a young American, too, he walked Justin Gatlin – 9,92, Christian Coleman of 9.94 Usain Bolt– 9,95. Not the most outstanding results, but the race, after which many were crying. The first bronze of the world championship in the career of eight-time Olympic champion became the latest personal medal.

Now Bolt gets defeated? No. And it’s not that the tribune “has bubukal” Justin Getline. (A total of five years of disqualification twice convicted for doping, the Sprinter has not made it in the eyes of many an athlete that should be admired.) And not that a rising star Coleman does not cause surging of emotions.

Just Usain Bolt – was the one who always held the tribune in the hands. All of the stands. Forced them to stop and go into Rewa. So to electrify the atmosphere, to pass with lightning, even doing nothing – this could just Bolt. So to make catching their every move – whether it’s running or victory dance, could only Bolt. Because in London after losing the race, he passed the podium as the winner. Maybe a little more sad than usual.

Bolt won the 100 and 200 meters in a row at three Olympic games. Every time someone from the opponents claimed against, but with the final victory all the same questions arise: who, if not the Bolt? In addition to individual awards, won three Olympic gold in the 4x100m, one recently returned because of a positive doping samples Nesta Carter. Eleven victories at the world Championships, world records, three – act. One starting with Beijing -2008, the Bolt could not beat.

“My start… he let me down. Usually it turns out better for me, but today failed. This is the reason of my defeat. It happens. Sorry I couldn’t do what I wanted. The stadium was incredible support, supported me, drove me. I really appreciate it.”

The bolt was a bad start. 100 meters is about moments. And the failure of the first moments – almost like a death sentence. Especially when behind in the season performances are limited to one hand (even with too many fingers, it was only three starts, and can only be considered a serious one).

London showed the advantages of the Bolt with the first races. In the semi-finals Usain came out with the eighth result of 10.07. “It was very bad. Today I had the worst launch pads, I’ve ever seen.” However, representatives of the IAAF immediately said: “Starting blocks in London are exactly the same as on the 2015 world Championships in Beijing.”

In the final he came the second time. Christian Coleman– Of 9.97; Usain Bolt 9,98. And Coleman acted in the race in the spirit of Bolt left to run to the finish.

In the final, Coleman and the Bolt started near Gatlin – using rivals. They fought with each other, and he with them both. “After the semifinals, I realized that if I don’t find my start – I have a big problem. I killed the start, which turned out terrible… I couldn’t pull the trigger at the end of the race, did not do what should have been. Gatlin is a great opponent, you need to be ready at 100 percent to defeat him.”

And yet, it would be better to Getline to lose. It is, of course, setting a now unimaginable record by age, and to return to the top level after serving a suspension. Now American, Olympic champion Athens 2004, won the third gold in his career. And 12 years later – in Helsinki in 2005 he was the best at distances of 100 and 200 m. And the winner of the sprint for 35 years. And of course, he will go down in history as the man who won the crown of the great distance of the Bolt.

Many will assume that it is a great injustice. On the path to world speed Gatlin has twice been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs in 2001 and 2006. The first time a Sprinter was caught doping as a Junior – said that doping was and the medicine he took with the filing of a physician. The second time a scandal occurred when the athlete was already the Olympic champion and had set a world record of 9.77, which was then cancelled. The coach explained that the problems the fault of the masseuse, used, they say, the cream content of testosterone. The Sprinter went on to collaborate with the punitive organs, and a lifetime suspension was replaced by eight years of punishment. A year later and is reduced by half. And then Justin Gatlin was to reduce seconds. A claim is nonsense, with age, the rate should be lost , not to arrive.

Before the last world Cup, when Gatlin set a personal record in run on 100 metres of 9.74, showing the fifth time in history, it directly asked: maybe the speed is due to the fact that blood doping is still working? The issue was published in 2013 by the research of Swedish scientists on mice. Experiments have revealed that illegal drugs can have a lasting effect on the body. According to scientists, the effect of taking steroids a person can last even a lifetime. Justin Gatlin said in response that he was funny.

“Since my case in 2006, a decade has passed. Many have been in the same situation as me. People should see what is happening in the world of medicine. I’m not sure you can compare mice with the person, for me it is incomprehensible”. The question is, how can he prove that clean now, body and soul, Sprinter left without comment.

And the last wave of indignation about the performance in the global arena with such a difficult reputation covered American before the Olympic Games in Rio, when there was a fierce controversy – whether to admit to the start of athletes with tainted questionnaire. And even the President of the IAAF Sebastian CoE has allowed himself to say very clearly then: I wish Gatlin was banned for life, but it’s impossible, he’s already escaped this punishment and can act.

“Countrymen are cheering for me, here I and focused. It’s some kind of unreal moment, like 2004, when I won at the Olympics by a small margin. I tune in every race. Not off course. It’s a terrific evening, it’s the last night Usain Bolt… the First thing he said to me, “Congratulations, you worked hard for this. And you don’t deserve all this whistle.”

He Usain Bolt has confirmed these words, and at a press conference: “I have always said that if Getly stands, it means that everything is in order. I respect him as an opponent, he did a lot of work to today to be faster. Today he was better than me.”

And the scoreboard, as they say in sports, has documented that Justin Gatlin in the “live” Usain Bolt became world champion in the sprint.

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