Vice-President of the USA promised to revive the lunar program

NASA Apollo Archive

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Moscow, October 5 – AIF-Moscow.

Vice-President Michael Pence during a meeting of the National space Council, promised that the American astronauts return to the moon.

When the first space tourists will go to the moon?

“We will return American astronauts to the moon. We do this not only in order to leave there flags and the prints of their feet, but also to create a Foundation to send Americans to Mars and beyond” – quoted RIA Novosti Pence.

The Vice President added that half a century ago, the Americans managed to win the race for the moon, now they have to win “the race for space in the XXI century”.

American astronauts first landed on the moon in June 1969. After this was successfully implemented six lander missions. The last astronaut to walk on the moon in December 1972.

Earlier it was reported that in October of this year Russia and China plan to sign an agreement on cooperation in the space sector in the years 2018-2022, one aspect of which will be exploration of the moon.

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