WADA decides the fate of Russia in the closed mode

Meeting of the Executive Committee and the Board of founders of the world anti-doping Agency, held in Seoul on 15 and 16 November, will bring Russia to the Olympic games in Pyeongchang or forced to take a step in another direction. Senior management of WADA at the end of the year is traditionally approve the budget and plans. And everything is usually in “working order”. This time Russia is the main question.

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The meeting should discuss the issue of recognition of conformity of the Russian anti-doping Agency the world anti-doping code. RUSADA meets all the requirements and the road map for the restoration of rights – a step towards Pyeongchang. No – step away from him.

RUSADA is already working – and it for anybody not a secret. Reform passed, requirements are met. But WADA just a few days ago announced the receipt database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. It would seem it’s because of past sins, which were punished. But access to the database through the informants, allowed WADA to reiterate the requirement of recognition by Russia of the conclusions contained in the report of Richard McLaren. That is, the recognition of the state system of doping. And politicians and functionaries of the higher echelons of power have repeatedly described such a condition is totally ending.

The first day of the meetings – the Executive Committee of WADA. He will give recommendations to the Council of founders WADA – to restore or not to restore rights RUSADA. The Board of founders will take place on November 16.

The Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov spoke at a meeting of the Executive Committee, as President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov. But then both had to leave the room – further discussion took place behind closed doors.

As commented by the Minister of sports, the talking heads that was made by Russia for the restoration of rights, the attitude to the report of the McLaren and the facts that it sets out, for information, which was received by WADA. (Information from the database, pre-testing of Russian athletes of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory at the disposal of WADA, will be released in these days.)

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