“WADA has not the best times”: who benefits from the continuation of the doping scandal

The earthquake is almost always followed by so-called aftershocks. Weakened, but still claiming the power element returns new bursts. And a doping scandal, deprived of many of the Russian athletes for the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, and the Paralympics still barring the way to international tournaments, again roused the information space. More precisely, it is made hardly probable not a key participant in the conflict — the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov.

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Recall that in may 2016 from the pages of The New York Times, he accused a number of Russian athletes, winners and medalists of the Olympic games, the use of illegal drugs, and then became one of the Central characters of the film by the German broadcaster ARD about the allegedly existing in Russia system of doping. It was on the confessions Rodchenkova largely based report of the infamous canadian lawyer Richard McLaren, which began a formal investigation of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) against Russia.

After a long silence, Rodchenkov made a loud statement re-elected conductor of his ideas favorite American newspaper. In the article a former sports official again spoke about the state support of the use of doping in Russia, with the acquiescence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko, lamented the inaction and passivity of the WADA and even revealed a secret “assassination.”

“Russia refuses to answer for his actions. My former chief, Vitaly Mutko, Minister of sport said that he did not know about my activities in the lab where I watched the performance of the doping program in Russia with the FSB agents and officials. If someone believes that I could do this without the support of the Minister of sports, he knows nothing about Russia. Mr. Mutko was known to all, this is the key to success doping program… In Russia against me opened a criminal case against me. Started a witch hunt, and the witch is me,” wrote Rodchenkov, then told that it was going to take a life.

To understand what happened and evaluate arguments functionary helped us expert from the international sports community, familiar with the situation, but who wished to remain incognito:

— In principle, Rodchenkov said nothing new. But why he started to talk about this right now? Currently WADA is going through hard times. Start the civil courts according to the statements of acquitted athletes not allowed to participate in the Olympics. At the same time, likely to suffer and McLaren, and some circles too. It’s not even a court of arbitration, which was created in order to cover the crimes against honest athletes of individual countries or groups of people (e.g., Paralympians). Impartial Civil court.

The truth will come out. WADA, supported by the Anglo-Saxons, and out-of-control IOC (International Olympic Committee), is now the party that may suffer. That is why a publication Rodchenkova. He wouldn’t have to do it on their own initiative. Someone forces him to write it. The man who ran away to another country due to the fact that I was scared or because his at the time he enlisted, of course, in this situation, working to order.

After the sport became a lot of money, he has become a big policy. In WADA is dominated by the USA, Canada, UK, Australia. The Anglo-Saxon Diaspora has created a system of complete secrecy and the presumption of guilt. If you dig deep, there are people who do not use doping, has yet to prove this or that illegal drugs were in his blood by accident. But this is impossible, because the drug terrorism is the most problematic, he has no weapons.

Today at the state level has introduced criminal liability for doping in the sports training system at all levels. WADA is a part of world politics. The Agency now loses. WADA should be rehabilitated, so Rodchenkov and out with the old charges.

He does not bring anything new — just paraphrases what has been said. In reality, there are many positive phenomena. Yes, and the McLaren has already admitted that there is no state system of doping in Russia was not. These are his words. He dropped the charges against the state, therefore, no system can not be. This is absurd!

The purpose of the charges Rodchenkova — any way to undermine the foundations of Russian Federation. Soon after the elections… If the state is accused, then the accused is the President. Just so nothing is done. It’s a long con. Even if we assume that Vitaly Mutko knew about any violations, moreover, we cannot allow the accused before the election of the President. Rodchenkov”s not stupid. It acts as an enemy of the state.

On the other hand, his accusations are very naïve and are easily broken. Perhaps this is the very delicate political game: once again to excite the public mind. His reasoning, again, smash to smithereens, but even more compromised WADA and those who are hosts out there…

The therapeutic exception? It is an absolutely logical thing, except in one circumstance. It’s one thing when a doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes treatment; the other when he invents this diagnosis is that the athlete received stimulants to improve results. Drug usage and drugs for the treatment of asthma from the evil one. This gives the benefit of individual countries and their representatives. So, we need transparent anti-doping system and the reform of WADA. Under the threat of all the Olympic movement, the Olympic Charter. The IOC first needs to be interested in the fact that WADA was not a corrupt organization. Support the IOC needs to provide Russia. To fight against doping is necessary, but in a civilized way, and not, as does WADA.

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