“We all asked” why Olympians said “Yes” to the Games in 2018

Olympic meeting (the highest governing body of the Olympic Committee of Russia) this year, was waiting with a special look, starting with 5 December. “Yes” or “no” to the winter Games? The sports world called for the participation of our team in the 2018 Olympic games without a flag and anthem.

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“Guys, if you so much now injure the opinion of those who are unrequited in the information space says about you, turn it off! – Alexander Karelin has found the right words for colleagues in the sport. – Go to the Olympics, we all about it please. This is a very important decision. We lead you there, you won this right, you are selected should go and participate!”.

The boycott is not an option, and new sanctions by the IOC; to return the flag, it is necessary to participate in Games; we have to fight for the Motherland, or so we say athletes.

This does not mean that the decision is given to everyone easily. For example, on the eve of the meeting biathlete Anton Shipulin, Olympic champion in Sochi, in one of the comments said that they still have not fully decided on or not to take the Olympics under a neutral flag. “You’ve got to be honest with ourselves. I am a patriot, born in Russia, deeply love the country. And I understand that this is a total discrimination when we act without our flag, no anthem, and the rest of the world it would be. But at the same time, I realize that patriotism and love of country are not in the colors of the flag, it should all be in the soul.”

As you know, President OKR Alexander Zhukov and the Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov had previously promised assistance to the athletes that will travel to the Game, and those who will not participate in them.

The decision to support the athletes of the Olympic was taken by the meeting unanimously. And already he was followed out by other news. For example, the fact that the First channel will broadcast the Olympics, which will be attended by Russian athletes.

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