What people drink for new year’s table?

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Clear: the tables are on different streets will be different. Some black caviar, sturgeon, Scotch whiskey. Folk will potevate herring under a fur coat, salad, jelly. And of course, pickle with vodka. In some places (for whom and vodka “bite”) will be poured into glasses of moonshine. Interesting fact: dealers indicate that in recent years has increased the demand for moonshine.

Self-sufficiency (including drink) is a long – standing folk tradition. Some time ago the authorities in a fit of Narodowy even stopped the persecution of bootleggers. In the Internet you can find recipes and “safe jam”. There is even a page for foodies – “whiskey at home”. Well full democracy!

Made in USSR. How to meet New year in the years of stagnation

What we sing?

But what will be the conversations and songs within the Moscow boulevards with the cost of square meter of housing in 600 thousand roubles and above, and in the socket of the outlying areas? The question is not simple. In Soviet times there was a lot of common songs that are sung and the people’s table, and the tables of the secretaries-General. Brezhnev, for example, and all the people that loved songs of L. Zykina. And sometimes I even dropped a tear. N. Khrushchev liked the Ukrainian “Ridna Mati Moya”. According to the Internet, a favorite song of Vladimir Putin “I missed you”. Lyrical and quite popular.

In Soviet times, came out whole collections of songs for the people. In one, I found even the “Song of safety”. Unfortunately, in the songs of those years there is hatred, and curses, and hostility.

Us to beat, beat like.
We were trying to beat.
But we also did not sit,
That digitalise!

The majority of such “mobilization of the songs” today, fortunately, forgotten. However, some would sound true. “Hostile whirlwinds wafted over us,” for example. Sanctions, however.

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To find a balance

But there is for new year’s tables to the tycoon, taxi driver, teacher, local doctor? Our society is not yet found no unity, no balance: neither political, neither material nor moral. This applies to both the people and the elite. Elite is being formed. Including the remnants of the Soviet nomenklatura. People (and some young people too) still in captivity of the Soviet myth, hopes and slogans.

All mixed up in Russia: thoughts, hopes, and money, and power. Many of today’s oligarchs, bankers and heads of corporations I remember when they sold computers that were shipped from China bags with junk, we shot the opponents. Many will remember the poverty of parents and life in communal apartments. If big money conscience, of course, shrinks. But at times (if big trouble, for example) is returned. That poor guy Ulyukayev, losing weight by 15 kg, he suddenly realized that “not all have done for the people that could”. And even began to ask: “Brothers, have mercy”. And I want to poelestraat. Because recently he and thousands of others, ascended to the heights of power, was also part of the people.

Alexei Ulyukayev: “the Bribe was not taken, but the citizens were served a little”

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Curls oligarchs

In Soviet times on the radio often sounded the song “we all came from the people.” The people in the mass do believe that we are all “children of the family labour”. This belief, by the way, actively supported Stalin, deliberately leveling and mixing of social strata. Today to be a “Latino people” are not very fashionable. The way of The elite and of the population variance. Enriched in many families, the search for aristocratic roots. This in Soviet times, lovers, Boyfriends showing off, singing, “Right curls Turner, left of the blacksmith”. Today in fashion the curls of the oligarch, the banker. At worst – MP. High officials furnished their Ministerial offices, do not hang on the wall a portrait of his father-a steelworker. Remember how in the Kremlin almost all assistants over his head hung a portrait of Boris Yeltsin. And only one A. Livshits (assistant in Economics) is a portrait of his father, a Soviet army officer. Today all the gossip about Sechin and Alexei Ulyukayev. So Sechin parents are simple workers of a metallurgical plant. Ulyukayev and his grandfather worked as a janitor. Remembering this relationship could drink together, but not to embarrass Russia on the world.

Who is the current “elite”?

What are we talking about?

And all-taki: whether the elite and of the people common ground? In this regard, it is interesting to analyze the recent survey by sociologists of “Levada-center”. People were asked: what the events of recent weeks do you remember most? So: the interest in politics is almost there. In the first place, the issues concerning ordinary human life, children, lifestyle, leisure, health. The death of Hvorostovsky and the Armor, the disease Tabakov, family history Dzhigarkhanyan, doping scandal, the controversy surrounding the movie “Matilda” and “Gogol-center”, the growth of prices took in the responses of the first line. Even such a seemingly important point about the ruble, the dollar and the Euro, was on the periphery of interest. About the fears of the people responsible almost unanimously: afraid of the events in Ukraine and “bodanie” the United States and the DPRK. The origins of the fear is clear: even the memory of the terrible war, the death of loved ones, the fatherless.

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* * *

Here we come to the answer for that (even for different tables) all of us will drink in the New year’s eve. The biggest common fear is the fear of war. And so the fate of children and grandchildren. In short, people’s toast “For peace and friendship”, it seems, is not obsolete.

Worries and the uncertainty of the future. Here it is indicative of a reduced planning horizon. According to the “Levada-center”, only 4% of the population are willing to look beyond 10 years. The overwhelming majority (74%) viewing their future only for 1-2 years forward. Sound whether toast “For the future”? There is no certainty.

And one more thing: 82% of respondents sociologists, experts think that need strong, full Prameny. People react more cautiously: for the “strong and full” is 44%. But the reason to drink FOR CHANGE is. And, it seems, a toast can be unifying.

But in any case: happy NEW YEAR!

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