What securities you can earn up to the Christmas holidays

In recent months after global markets rose and the Russian stock market. The rise, according to experts, most likely, will continue until the end of the year. On this trend you can earn good money.

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Currently many of the world’s leading stock indices are close to historical maximum values. A prolonged period of low interest rates supported the demand for shares. Indecision leading Central banks to take measures to sterilize excess liquidity only exacerbates the situation unreasonable growth of capitalization and inflation of speculative bubbles in financial markets. However, this does not mean that the situation is critical and in danger of collapse at any moment. In General, the level of the index corresponds to the recovery of the world economy against the background of maintaining a high “risk appetite”.

The current level can last indefinitely. Although the conditions for technical downward correction is long overdue. At the same time for the onset of a full-fledged bear market is one technical factor is not enough.

On the background of a deteriorating foreign policy situation in a world of increased risks that can cause a sharp drop in the markets. “To stabilize “bear” trend the necessary monetary policy of the fed and the ECB or the fall of the world economy, combined with an increase in corporate bankruptcies and capital flight from risky assets,” — said the head of Department of broker operations of RosEvroBank Evgeny Volkov.

Yet, according to the forecasts of major international banks and rating agencies, the global economy will maintain its growth pace. Therefore, as experts believe, after the seasonal adjustment, which is probably traditionally happens in January and February, the growth of demand for risky assets in 2018 will resume.

Thus, specialists of different investment companies offer to pay attention to the following set of assets for inclusion in the portfolio of medium – and long-term investors focused on yield, superior rates on Bank deposits, but at moderate risk. Among their recommendations, the action “Rostelecom”, “Tape”, “Children’s world”, Sberbank.

“Today, the cost of ordinary share of “Rostelecom” — 67,57 virtually any — twice lower than five years ago and 31% lower than a year ago. The decline for the current year was 18%. However, the company could become one of the main beneficiaries of import substitution”, — says the Deputy General Director IK “Finam” Yaroslav Kabakov. According to him, with a market share exceeding 37%, the company is far from its competitors in the segment of home broadband access to the Internet. It is not excluded that the company will be relatively inexpensive to purchase smaller provider business and to increase its share. “Attractive prospects “Rostelecom” in the markets of the Internet of things, infrastructure for smart homes, cloud storage and deep processing,” says Kabakov. The current value of the company’s shares are currently 15% below the target of evaluation at the end of 2017, according to the expert, and predicts a speedy recovery.

“The dollar in 2018 will be in the range of 55 to 60 virtually any, which roughly corresponds to the current value. Thus, Russian stocks remain quite attractive tool for investment, not only in connection with the incipient recovery of economic growth, but also on the background of low exchange rate risks”, — said Andrey lyushin of Loko-Bank.

“With an eye to the end of 2018, we recommend to buy shares of the Bank “Saint-Petersburg” (potential 25%), retailers “Tape” and “Children’s world” (potential growth of 25%), “Severstal” (potential 10% + dividend 15%), Yandex (potential 30%),” — said the analyst of “OTKRITIE Broker” Timur Nigmatullin. According to him, the banking sector will continue to demonstrate the rapid net profit growth: banks cut Deposit rates following the key rate of the CBR slower rates on loans, which increases banks ‘ interest margin. In addition, the improvement in the macroeconomic situation contributes to the reduction of deductions in reserves.

Another favorite of analysts — metallurgy. The sharp risk of the national currency at the end of 2014 sent the ruble prices for the rental to update historical highs. And since then from year to year, they only rewrite records. “Current dividend yield securities “Severstal” is double-digit and highest among all the liquid on the Russian stock market. In addition, among the shares of all of its major competitors (EVRAZ, MMK and NLMK) only papers “Severstal” have still not updated the highs of the beginning of the year,” says Nigmatullin.

Looks attractive and the IT sector. For example, “Yandex” will continue to go up following the increase in market share due to the pressure of Federal Antimonopoly service on Google and deal with Uber.

In addition, experts suggest to look for a profitable securities of companies now aim at stable, albeit low growth. “It makes sense to bet on the shares of Sberbank, which is active in all segments of crediting. You can also pay attention to the securities of the company “Mother and child” because the medical services market will grow by 10-12%. In addition, consider the “Obuv Rossii” is a good paper focused on domestic demand,” — says a leading analyst Amarkets Artem Deev. According to him, in the event of a recovery in oil prices will benefit the papers of “LUKOIL” and “NOVATEK”. If the oil will manage to consolidate above the level of $65-67 per barrel, are projected to grow on a wide range of securities.

The result is better only in 2018 the market will look like shares, issuers of which were distinguished by a progressive dividend policy, and the current price level provides a high dividend yield. In the case of growth of the market for such securities, investors will pay attention first and foremost. And in case of falling of the market can be seen as defensive assets due to the additional income in the form of dividends. “Potentially interesting from the point of view of dividend ideas can be shares of metallurgical companies (NLMK, MMK, “Severstal”), MTS, “Rostelecom” and preference shares “Surgutneftegaz”, “Tatneft”, “Yunipro”, “Enel Russia” GMK “Norilsk Nickel” — said the head of the analytical Department IR “Russ-invest” Dmitry bedenkov.

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