White House officials to try and stop Trump from shaking hands with Castro: report

June 16, 2017: President Donald Trump applauds as he arrives to speak about Cuba policy in Miami. The president announced changes to Obama-era Cuba policy, and challenged the Castro government to negotiate a better deal.


White House officials will try to keep President Trump away from Cuban leader Raul Castro to prevent a replay of the infamous 2013 handshake between the communist leader and President Obama.

Both Trump and Castro are expected to attend the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru later this week, a meeting that will focus on democracy and fighting corruption.

But the administration staffers told McClatchy DC, “There are always bumps between all the leaders at the summit, but my expectation is that we will try to keep President Trump as far away as from leaders that don’t share United States values and like-minded perspectives,” a senior administration official told the news service.

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