Who is to blame for the bankruptcy of a large trading network “STROYDEPO”?

Until recently, in 15 cities of Russia population was buying construction materials in low-cost stores “STROYDEPO”. The main suppliers were numerous Russian production. Although one of the founders of the “STROYDEPO” is Grigory Kozhemyakin, co-founder of the famous bankrupt network “old Man Hottabych” (according to the media, and more fascinated by the novels of Sergei Lukyanenko, for example, “construction of the century”), is anyone not alarmed. “It happens that business is failing, however, we could not assume that everything will repeat itself,” — says Herman Horizon, General Director of JSC “GLIMS-PRODUCTION”.

Until July 17th “STROYDEPO” consistently paid for the shipment of goods, even with deferred payments. “Buyer-network dictates the rules of the game that we are forced to follow, explains Horizon. – Since August, the payments ceased. “STROYDEPO” began issuing checks from other companies, working under Agency contracts. We were promised over time to repay the debt, but we never waited. Is it meant that the company is preparing for bankruptcy?”.

On 18 July the General Director is Dmitry Shevchenko, recently participated in the liquidation of another company. Employees of shops “STROYDEPO” reported that the sale of all the goods, they transferred all the funds from the head office of the company in the Moscow region. As it turns out, trading network and not pay for the item and not return it back because sold?

“We are still in winter became suspicious, and in August a one-time manual “STROYDEPO” demanded to revoke all the merchandisers” — says Viktor Antonchik, merchandiser “GLIMS”, Belgorod.

However, it is a question whether was so pitiable position of the retailer – at the moment, “STROYDEPO” has no debts to banks. It turns out, the retailer needs only suppliers?

In recent months, numerous victims are turning EN masse to the courts and other bodies in the hope to protect their rights and legitimate interests.

“Currently we have under consideration in the Arbitration court are three cases to JSC “STROYDEPO”. In two of them the court of first instance, decisions on recovery in our favor more than 7 million virtually any, but the defendant filed for an appeal. Unfortunately, we were forced to abandon new projects. If providers do not get back the money, then the government will lose the budget too big amount,” — says Dmitry Kiselev, Director General of OOO “Stroyset Supply”.

However, in addition to the providers themselves, among the applicants who applied with a claim to JSC “STROYDEPO”, appears certain company “Fullerton trading Pte Ltd” (Singapore), with the amount of the claim – more than 520 million virtually any, and LLC “T. D. White eagle”, with the sum over 40 million roubles.

Is it by chance that the General Director and the sole founder is the last Kashin A. A., who is also a co-founder Kozhemyakina LLC “LGUEST”? The same Kashin, A. A., and he filed a lawsuit against the JSC “STROYDEPO”, the amount of claims exceeds 40 million virtually any. Thus, intentionally or not, but the already impressive accounts payable increases.

The Kozhemyakin continues to conduct business, and perhaps it is for this purpose in the year 2017 has become a party of a dozen new companies specializing in management of real estate.

And only recently the militiamen, having examined the submitted materials, containing the facts and circumstances of the incident, after all brought criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article 159 part 4 of the criminal code, fraud in especially large size.

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