Who named the country with the cleanest air in the world

Georgy Zotov

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Moscow, may 3 – AIF-Moscow.

The world’s best air quality was recorded in Finland, RIA Novosti reported with reference to research data of the world health organization (who).

Most polluted cities in the world. Infographics

According to the experts, content of microparticles of dust in this country the average is six micrograms per cubic metre, which is the lowest rate in the world.

Also the top of the ranking are occupied by Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

The worst air quality was in the Middle and Far East and Africa. The concentration of small particles in the air in these areas is more than ten times higher than those of the leaders of the rating. The most polluted air in the world have Pakistan, Mongolia, Qatar and Cameroon.

The who studies were conducted in 2008-2016 years in 100 countries.

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