Whom to cheer for today: the Olympic weekend with “MK”

On Saturday and Sunday in the Olympic competitions will be awarded 12 sets of medals. Follow the Games-2018 together with us.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Saturday, February 10

(5 sets of medals)

3.05. Curling. Mix-double. 5-th round. Korea — Russia, and another 3 match. 14.05. 6-th round. Russia — Canada and another 3 match.

4.00. Snowboard. Menfolk. Slopestyle. Qualification

10.15. Ski race. Women. The skiathlon, 15 km (played medals)

13.00. Short-track. Women. 500 m Qualification. Relay 3000 m.Semifinals. Menfolk. 1500 m Qualification, semifinals and finals (played medals).

Hope day: SEMEN ELISTRATOV will compete for medals in the 1,500 m

13.10. Luge. Menfolk. Single sleigh. 1st try

14.00. Speed skating. Women. 3000 m (played medals)

14.15. Biathlon. Women. Sprint 7,5 km (played medals)

15.20. Luge. Menfolk. Single sleigh. 1st try

15.35. Jumping on the ski jumping. Menfolk. HS-109. The final (they played medals)

Sunday, February 11

(7 sets of awards)

3.05. Curling. The mixed double. 7-th round. Switzerland — Russia, and another 3 match.

4.00. Snowboard. Menfolk. Slopestyle. The final (they played medals)

4.00. Figure skating. Team competition. Dancing on ice. Original dance

5.00. Ski mountaineering. Menfolk. Downhill (played medals)

5.45. Figure skating. Team competition. Women. Short program

7.30. Snowboard. Women. Slopestyle. Qualification

7.40. Figure skating. Team competition. Sporting a pair. Free program

9.15. Ski race. Menfolk. Skiathlon, 30 km (played medals)

10.00. Skating sport. Menfolk. 5000 m (played medals)

10.40. Hockey. Women. Group A. Finland — USA

12.50. Luge. Menfolk. Single sleigh. 3rd attempt

13.30. Freestyle. Women. Mogul. 2nd qualification

14.15. Biathlon. Menfolk. Sprint 10 km (played medals)

14.40. Luge. Menfolk. Single sleigh. 4th attempt (played medals)


15.05 — 16.15. Freestyle. Women. Mogul. Attempts 1, 2 and 3 (played medals)

15.10. Hockey. Women. A. group 1st round. Canada — Russia

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