Why are the Russians always win?

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Bohuslav Hramota (Boguslaw Chrabota), Rzeczpospolita, Poland

I have one question that doesn’t sound too pleasant for the poles: the poles are different from Russians?

Yes, in principle, nothing: like Russian, we also consider ourselves a very important people in history, love to drink and make some noise. The only difference is that Russian, as a rule, always win, but the poles, alas, no. This applies to almost everything: sports, our shared history.

Where is the victory?

Of course, now the poles will start to argue that it is a paid Putin article, but I suggest to perform at least the so-called historic victory in the sport. That’s right, there is no “historical” victory of the poles over the Russians. I think that all the matter in our complexes, we are all trying to prove their importance, their exclusivity.

Under “Wolf sun.” The real history of relations between the USSR and Poland in 10 parts

But back to the question. The most important and key aspect of why we give in Russian, is the area of the country. Tips always proud of the fact that, like tsarist Russia, they remain the greatest country in the world. Of course, you can say that size does not always determine the “coolness” of the country, and there are many examples.

A large area of the country implies a great linguistic, religious and ethnic diversity. To provide such a large state stability and prosperity, you need to very finely control all the processes in the country. And in addition because of its diversity of Russia’s political system will never be like the West, just different there.

On the territory of Russia there are quite a lot different, unlike each of the other ethnic groups, and it may seem that to manage such a huge company it is impossible or at least very difficult. But nevertheless Russia for centuries to cope with this difficult task. How?

From the point of view of historians, Russia had to fall apart at least three times. And how the Russians managed to keep their own state, remains a mystery to historians. Russia, as the Phoenix burned and rose from its ashes, each time becoming stronger. Somehow, again and again, the state body came back to life, not having any prerequisites for the revival, independently, without international conferences and C.

Someone who respects?

What’s the matter? What is behind this phenomenon? The power of The Imperial idea? Religion? It seems to me that there is something more. Deep respect for their own government, and efficient use of resources. There is evidence of this.

In 2017 I traveled South to the Altai, studied the history of the conquest of these lands by Russia. Even Peter I founded in these places, the first mining enterprise, sent geologists Catherine the Great. Russia engaged in the production of metals long before the United States had time to explore even a tenth part of their future possessions. In the same period of the agrarian gentry Poland was close to its decline, and until the industrial revolution in Poland was still one hundred years.

The Russians in those days had the industry, and without capitalism, relying only on the strength of the Russian state. What could make Russia if it went the path of democracy, even scary to imagine.

Submarines and aircraft. What got the Soviet regime from tsarist Russia?

Another phenomenon of the Russian army. Ruined everything, was separated from the territory of Russia, but still there were people who were ready to defend their Homeland to the end. Continuity and tradition founded under Peter the great, still exist, although it has been almost three centuries. Even Soviet Russia used the victory of former times, to inspire Russian workers to new victories and heroic deeds.

The Soviet Union did not recline martial tradition and doctrine in Imperial Russia, a well used white generals for their own purposes. Example – the famous General Brusilov, who in 1919 served in the red army until his death.

And the army was no exception. Soviet Union inherited much in education, while maintaining teaching and research staff. Continuity is preserved in diplomacy and intelligence, it explains a large number of former tsarist agents in the red army.

Although now there is no Soviet Union, but it is unlikely anyone will dare to prove that today’s Russia is not a continuation of the Soviet Union. No matter what happens, but in Russia there is always a continuity of government, and no matter what it’s called, the main thing that was not broken tradition.

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