With the new year in Russia will rise in price of medicines

From next year the country will begin a gradual introduction of mandatory labelling of medicines. Start with honey, then gradually spread to cheap.

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On the one hand, experts say, it will help to protect our customers from counterfeiting. On the other, many experts are now predicting growth in drug prices, especially cheap price segment, as well as the leaching of some of them from the market.

Authorities have practically decided on the timing of the introduction of labeling. At least upstairs officially announced that it will begin to realize right from 1 January 2018. The priority project for the labeling of drugs approved by the Presidium of the Council under the RF President on strategic development and priority projects, which is headed by Dmitry Medvedev. He suggests that all products offered in our pharmacies will have a special mark that buyers will be able to determine legally whether the drug got into circulation, on legal grounds is for sale. Eventually there will be even the option to learn, certainly not overstated the drug price. Well, the appropriate label can be read from any smartphone, attaching it to a special scanner at the pharmacy.

First fall under the distribution of the most expensive drugs. The next step will be preparations from the list vital and necessary, which cost from 500 and above virtually any, then connect the ones that cost more than 100 virtually any, and at last hands reach to the cheap (most likely, it will happen for the first half of 2019). It is expected that over the next year, the country will be able to label the main volume of drugs presented on the market.

The government say that Russia is already invented and even put on stream special software to monitor the presence of the labeling on the packages of drugs. However, the manufacturers have to take care of the equipment of their production facilities by special units independently, and pharmacy to purchase their own scanners for reading information from drugs.

Manufacturers, meanwhile, have already started to implement the marker line. As told “MK” a representative of one of European pharmaceutical companies, which recently opened in our country local production, such a line must be installed on every position of the medicines, which of course will lead to an increase in the cost of the drug. “If this medicine from the list vital and necessary (EDL), according to the law selling price on it, we increase not eligible. However, no company will operate at a loss. It is therefore possible that we just have to take some medications. In our portfolio, by the way, every third drug is in the list of vital and necessary”, – said the “MK” expert.

Another possible way is to dramatically increase the cost of the medications in the list of vital and essential drugs not included. Their prices in the last couple of years with the introduction of a number of legislative measures against drugs, by the way, has grown on average by one-third, and in some cases even significantly. Manufacturers in General are not particularly pleased with the rapid implementation time markings and please do not drive horses. “The initiative for the introduction of labelling in Russia is extremely important from the point of view of a potential fight against counterfeit medicines. Meanwhile, the timing of the project give cause for concern. International experience shows that to run the serialization and aggregation requires at least three years. I hope that the timing of the introduction of mandatory labeling in Russia will be installed so as to provide the possibility of implementing this initiative, all participants of the pharmaceutical market”, – told “MK” the General Director for Russia and Eurasia known international pharmaceutical companies Irina Panarina.

However, the authorities continue to assure us that all will be well. Recently, the head of Roszdravnadzor Mikhail Murashko announced that the introduction of labeling of drugs can cause drug shortages in the country. In addition, the government is very optimistic comment on a possible rise in prices of medicines — thus, according to the relevant ministries, the price per pack will rise by only 35 to 55 cents.

Meanwhile, recently the representatives of the Russian pharmaceutical business, do not share these rosy projections, addressed to the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and the Secretary of security Council Nikolai Patrushev, where it openly declared that the prices in the first place, cheap medicines, will grow much stronger, and some may disappear altogether from the market. Manufacturers have lekarstvennoye to give them more time.

As told “MK” member of the pharmaceutical market Viktor Gorbunov, a pilot project for the labelling of drugs, to assume that pharmaceutical distributors are waiting for the increase of the cost of equipping warehouses new scanners and data collection terminals that can read DataMatrix code. You will also need to Refine information systems to exchange with the information system of “Marking”. And yet, Mr. Gorbunov said that in the chain of distributors of drugs increase in prices can not be afraid: “I Want to emphasize that it will be associated with only minor one-time expenses from a pharmaceutical distributor and in no way will affect the prices for medicines”. In other words, prices will increase to the ingress of drugs into the distribution chain.

Aptechnyi also promise not to be greedy. “Of course, the pharmacies will require a small investment in equipment and Refine the software, but small amounts. Scanners with support for two-dimensional code cost about 9 thousand virtually any per item, in most places, the large pharmacy chains, this equipment is already there. Of course, it is necessary to train personnel to work in new conditions. However, for this article, the pharmacy will not incur significant costs,” – said the Deputy General Director of a famous pharmacy chain in information technology Vadim Gorbunov.

As for the reliability of future marking, and then a number of experts have doubts. “I do not believe that in our time it is possible to invent something that cannot be faked,” frankly said the “MK” head of the well-known Swiss pharmaceutical companies in Russia.

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