Zakhar Pashutin: with the reborn basketball “Spartak” moves up will be gradual

In Saint-Petersburg returns to the men’s basketball club “Spartak”, which is forever associated with the great coach Vladimir Kondrashin, the architect of the victory of the USSR team at the Olympic games of 1072 in Munich. Now officially introduced to the public by the head coach. Is Zakhar Pashutin, in the recent past, a bright player of the national team of Russia, champion of Europe of 2007. We talked on the subject of immediate plans, and in General about the situation in Russian basketball, especially since the conversation occurred in the opening match of the “home” quarter-finals of the Euroleague between CSKA and “Khimki”.

Andrei Fetisov and Zakhar Pashutin. Photo: BC “Spartak” (St.-Petersburg).

– You coach revived the team an accomplished fact?

– Yes, my appointment was made officially, the contract is signed. Moreover, it has already been presented to the fans.

How the feelings this event is seen in Peter?

– About the city fathers cannot say, but the fans, who all his life was in Leningrad, and then St. Petersburg “Spartak”, was warmly welcomed. But the fact that my track record as a coach is at least a victory in the super League 2, giving them hope for a good position of the club.

– Your primary goal now is the top three super League 1 and the Final four of the Cup of Russia and only in season — the top United League?

– Every club that recreated, must walk the path of ascension and not to rush things. President of “Spartacus” in the past, as you remember yourself a bright team player Andrei Fetisov (who doesn’t know his daughter Irina – blocker of Russian national team on volleyball – “MK”.), in conversation with me confirmed such a model. In the organizational and the game plan is right. To United League to come with baggage and experience. To be ready, no problems arose with the facilities. Super League 1 will be a little springboard to greater heights.

Cup, means the game only Russian players?

– We would like to sign contracts with experienced, good players with Russian passports. With the foreigners – it is a side issue. You need to look and look for a decent. Not just on the principle that the American take. But just today, we sat down with management and discussed the issue of composition.

– Sergey Karasev, played in St. Petersburg, but for Zenit, did not communicate on the subject of its transition to you?

– Well, with players of this level at the moment is still too early to talk. (laughs) When we place the output in a Single League, we would like to invite experienced, who our main event already familiar, but does not remain something unknown. But the goal is to there were more people that did not work so, as it happens: a group of young Russian basketball players the entire season, spectators from the bench. But if business goes why and Sergey Karasev not to call? When the club has prospects, many players, looking forward, are welcome to join us.

– You have coaching experience in top tournaments, especially with “the Locomotive-Kuban”.

Yeah, my brother Eugene took the Cup and second place at home. Was and “Khimki” and behold, I returned in “Spartak”. Much has been said about the film about the team of Vladimir Kondrashin, who gave so much energy to it, “Spartacus.” The film is good. I knew many of these people worked with them. Great things and great players!

We went through a lot of attacks that, say, basketball in Russia losing popularity, and the team and certainly for many years – in the pit. But at the same time clubs every year, at least four of the European Cup is!

– The attacks were, but objectively speaking, every team sooner or later experiences the UPS and downs. One generation goes, another comes. Nothing in this terrible there. If our team present recruited full membership, it acts very dignified. As for the 2017 European championship, fourth place. Top players anywhere, not much happens. Therefore, it is desirable to collect a full set, and then we will achieve results. A club basket needs no advertising, the attacks are not afraid of him. As for the future, there is a good generation at different ages. The main thing that they opened.

How do you eurovita CSKA – “Khimki”?

– “Khimki” it will be hard, CSKA has more experience in the Euroleague, it is an indisputable fact. But every team has a chance. Predict a good fight in each match.

– Alexey Shved is now recognized as the main “GM” Euroleague: 20 points and more gaining in almost every game. And in 1998 you personally once scored 55 points in the championship of Russia against “Locomotive” from Mineral waters. Now all this is possible again?

– Long ago it was… But some players still reach 40 points. Of course, the quality of defense had grown. But in a particular match when the coincidence is possible in this way to go down in history.

Among point guards have become a lot of scorers. But before it was a rarity.

For them control of the ball. They have good quality defenders. Before these guys actually had less. And basketball comes to a universal format. They are unable to go to the end or to throw from a far distance. So in our time, the scoring metrics do not have a lot of “big”. In the days of Arvydas Sabonis they spent a lot of playing time, not so now. Basketball has accelerated, “large” even a bit pressed for time. But if you give them proper installation, they will bring many benefits.

– “Spartak” on set all kinds of sports, whatever it is, is more associated with Moscow, it is a fact…

– No, in St. Petersburg I remember the same “Spartak” associated with Vladimir Kondrashin, and consider him to his end. And about friendship… I Hope Zenit will be in a good relationship.

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