100 years of strength. How to celebrate the centenary of the Russian Armed forces?

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Whatever was said by the the Bolsheviks, but the Red army grew out of the Russian Imperial army, the uniform that I wore until the end of the 1920s, and officers used right up to the 1960s. the Royal army, in turn, stood on the shoulders of the local archers and cavalry of the XVI century And their predecessors were princes of the early middle Ages. But still 100 years is solid anniversary. This is only once in 100 years happens.

Horses, people…

What 100 years has learned the Armed forces, who had for a century three times to change the name: the worker-Peasant Red Army (RKKA) of the Soviet army (SA), the Russian army? Someone from the Russian commanders of the XVIII century (whether the count Apraksin, whether the field Marshal Munnich) is attributed the famous phrase about the new soldiers, who will give birth to a Russian women killed in return. Think it ends with the words: “And the horses I take?” — called to protect the main draft power of the then troops. Think about the safety of the personnel is not loved neither the king nor the red generals. In the great Patriotic war army losses amounted to 11.5 million people. Then came the fracture. Losses in Afghanistan with some known person is 15 052 soldier. The first Chechen war claimed the lives 5042 soldiers and officers. The second Chechen — 4572. The operation in Syria — 44 dead (see infographic).

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By the way, according to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov, during the operation of the Russian space forces in Syria (2015 — 2017) was approved 215 weapons, and combat experience received 48 thousand soldiers (apparently not counting PMCs). This figure is comparable to the number of soldiers and officers of the Soviet army, held the Afghanistan — 620 thousand over 10 years.

Humanization and money

Almost all of the XIX century in the Russian village recruit to the army watched as the light. During the late Soviet Union “to mow the army” in some social groups was considered almost a matter of honor. The more that call could in Afghanistan. The same thing happened in the army of the new Russia — to call could in Chechnya.

Do not scare children army!

Everything changed in a short period of time in which the Lieutenant did not have time to rise to the rank of major. According to the “AIF” has shared the first Deputy defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov, today the rating of trust to the Armed forces is 90%. This is achieved thanks to several programs, now known under the title “the humanization of service in the Armed forces.”

In 2012, the team of Sergey Shoigu came to the defense of a much more “civil” MES with a set of ideas, wildly for the officer corps. It is now shower in each barracks or buffet in the dining room have become commonplace. But how much has been said about how bad Russian soldiers to wash more than once a week! Or that the choice between pickle and soup in the canteens is bad for readiness. Nothing was used. Good generally quickly get used to.

— Increase of prestige of military service is not in the least contributed to the salaries of officers and the decision of housing problems by using a military mortgage, — said the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev. Over the last 5 years with permanent and service housing was provided 300 thousand officers of such magnitude even in the USSR was not! The young man, entering the ranks of the Russian army in the first officer’s rank of “Lieutenant” is more than competitive with civilian sector wages, guaranteed housing — that is all that is needed to start family life.

Budenovka and tarpaulin boots. How to change the army over the last century?

Military uniform over the past 10 years has varied more than once. The one that stand on today, is the best that ever was wearing Russian military. It is not only functional, but also beautiful, with both combat and casual. Gone not too successful experiments with camouflage, gone ridiculous cap”airports”. Remember: a shock to the entire world was the appearance in Crimea of “polite people” in well customized form, with modern weapons and means of protection. But as this boosted the popularity of the service among young people!

Each of these steps by itself and they all, taken together, have led to the fact that military service is now perceived in society, not as 20 or even 10 years ago. The military is no longer running for the recruits, they are in place. In some regions, say, of the family, even bribes they try to give to a son in the army called.

In the area of special attention. In the 90s defended male holiday on February 23

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Last year of contract servicemen in the Armed forces finally became more than conscripts. Call for the nearest future and certainly will continue, although the percentage of contractors will continue to grow. In modern conditions there is no urgent need to replace certain military occupational specialties in combat units with conscripts, as it was only recently, in the period of both Chechen campaigns. Call today for a sort of “natural reservoir”, where the Armed forces get wishing to arrive on contract service. If the young person and the army would like each other, they will have every chance to continue his novel. No — in a year and can leave without regret.

Service in the army as an element of the state structure gives the opportunity to use social mobility to a primary receiving end to the public service.

Restored a full-scale admission of cadets to military schools, much has fallen under the previous Minister of defence. This will keep the teaching staff, and with it the military-scientific school, which has long been famous Soviet and Russian army.

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Technique on the verge

After disintegration of the USSR the best of the division remained abroad — in Germany, the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine. At United group of troops in Chechnya, tanks and APCS were collected individually from all over the country. Today, Russia is among the three powers with the most powerful armed forces. What started the Renaissance?

Perhaps, with the programme of reconstruction of the radar field around the country. With the collapse of the Soviet Union collapsed and the System of missile attack warning (early warning system). Part of a powerful nadvoreshni radars remained in the newborn States, others dilapidated and fell into disrepair in Russia. In 2005, the country began a long and costly program for the construction of the family of radar “Voronezh”. By January 2017 the radar field was finally restored.

About that, what else can be proud of the Armed forces, “AIF” told the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov:

— Only two countries in the world capable of producing the entire spectrum of modern air defense systems — from portable anti-aircraft missile system to system range. Russia and the United States. Our air defense, even not new, is unique. Recently over Syria was shot down by quite modern Israeli F-16 aircraft. About who got it, argue two sets of Soviet design: s-200 long-range “Buk” medium-range, despite the fact that the s-300, successfully sold on the world market for air defense of the country has, in fact, yesterday. Today — s-400, tomorrow — s-500, which is being developed including destruction of warheads of Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

How does anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph”? Infographics

In aviation, our trusty shield and sword for the next 20 years, the family of su — 30, su-35, su-34, su-32… They will maintain parity with any country in the world until the moment when the fighters and bombers of the 5th generation will be the real fighters, not flying laboratories.

Until the end of 2017 in Russia was carried out the previous state armaments program. Priority it was given Air and space forces and Navy. On January 1 a new state armament program for the 2018 -2027., which provides for the purchase, development and modernization of armaments for the Armed forces of Russia in the amount of 19 trillion virtually any. the Emphasis will be on the rearmament of the Land forces and airborne troops. For this it is estimated that the purchase of the tank “Armata” and BMP “kurganets” — while in small quantities for testing and further improvement. With the changes in the army, the Russian army will finally gain the new appearance, about which so much is said

Tank T-14 “Armata”. Infographics

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In the missile-nuclear sphere between Russia and the USA continues to be sluggish debate: violate our complexes “Iskander” the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) or not. I want to say that in connection with the imminent adoption of the Russian Navy in a series of small missile ships “the black widow” for the ocean zone and “Buyan-M” for the zone of river-sea this question can be considered closed. Both boats armed with cruise missiles, long-range “Caliber”, which perfectly showed itself in Syria. They have sea-based and not subject to the INF Treaty, which prohibits only the cruise missiles land-based. Soon the number of “Karakurt” and “brawlers” will be measured in tens, they can launch missiles from the waters of seas, oceans and inland navigable rivers and lakes. “Gauges” are there in both normal and in nuclear equipment, and that’s a huge deterrent. Well, or a significant potential for retaliation.


The number of The largest armies in the world

1. China
2 183 000 people.

2. Russia
1 902 758 people.

3. USA
1 381 250 people.

4. India
1 346 000 people.

5. The DPRK
1 190 000 people.

6. Pakistan
643 800.

7. The Republic Of Korea
630 000 people.

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