A small asteroid will pass at a distance of 113 million miles from Earth media


Moscow, March 1 – AIF-Moscow.

An asteroid with a diameter of seven metres will be held on Friday near the Earth at a distance of 113 thousand kilometers, informs a portal Space.com.

Astronomers from the U.S. state of Arizona involved in the search of small celestial bodies, discovered this asteroid on Monday. Scientists saw it using the telescope at Mount Lemmon.

Asteroid threats. How to escape from intruders?

The heavenly body was named 2018DV1. 2 Mar at 20:30 GMT on the Internet starts online-broadcast of the observations of the asteroid with a 41-cm telescope of Tenagra Observatory.

February 25, Sunday, near our planet at a distance of 315 thousand kilometers passed another asteroid 2018DU.

It is expected that on 7 March a large asteroid with a diameter from 150 to 470 meters closer to the Earth at 1.4 million kilometers.

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