Abu Dhabi is afraid of the master. Who brought Russia the victory in the championship of WorldSkills?

The most serious rivals of the Russian carpenter Vitaly Bondarenko was the French and the Hungarians. © /

WorldSkills Russia

And this year returned to the competition in Abu Dhabi in the status of the winner in the team event and heard from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin: “This is a remarkable progress.” The contribution of Muscovites to the victory of Russia – 2 gold and 2 silver medals.


Participants of the Russian national team is 45 boys and 13 girls aged 18-25 from colleges and technical schools in 22 regions of the Russian Federation.

The work of concrete and jewelry

Preparation of the Moscow participants of the Russian national team to the world championship WorldSkills has given very good results. The highest awards were won by Nikita Stepin (“Jewellery business”) and Gleb Shmonin (“Forwarding”). Silver medals were awarded to Egor Kostikov (“Hair”) and Nikolai Larionov (“Service trucks”).

Also Moscow, the participants brought in a moneybox of the national team of Russia five medallions. These awards are given to exhibitors who have fully completed the task and showed a qualitative level of professional training, but a little gleaning points in the money. Maxim Shevchenko received a medal in the discipline “Plumbing and heating”, Alina Trubnikova in “Applied aesthetics”, Anna Belikova in “Graphic design”, Viktor Ryzhov – “teamwork in manufacturing”, Vladislav Ryzhikov and Maxim Leontiev – command discipline “Concrete construction work.”

Muscovite Yegor Kostikov – winner of the silver medal in the competence of Hairstyling. Photo: WorldSkills Russia

The competition for medals and medallions were serious. In the WorldSkills championship this year, was attended by contestants from 59 countries. Competitions were held for 52 competencies in 6 units of occupations: construction, IT-technology, manufacturing, art and design services, services of public transport. The national team of Russia was represented by 58 participants from 22 regions. In total, the Russian team won 11 medals (6 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze) and 21 medallion.

“Before, we had zero gold medals, and now 6. But China before it was 5, now 15. We’ve grown almost 600 percent, and they rose only three times,” – said the head of the WorldSkills Russia Robert Urazov.

Fighters research company

The international WorldSkills competitions are held every 2 years in different countries. The results of the performances of the teams talking not only about the personal and professional qualities of the individual participant, but also the level of professional training.

“Thank your teachers and those people who said that you need, and have ensured that you have it all,” said at the meeting with winners of Vladimir Putin.

The national team of Russia was prepared by a special program 52 trainer-expert. The camps were held on the basis of specialized and regional competence centers. Focused on global best practices. In addition, the participants increased the level of knowledge of the English language.

According to Vitaly Bondarenko, who showed what they are capable Russian carpenters, “everyone in the workplace has provided all the necessary equipment was arranged foreign training”.

Working talents. Our country is caught up with the leaders of the movement WorldSkills

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Shortly before the trip of his pupil , the Director of Moscow Polytechnic College. Godovikova Sergey Mikhailov said: “the Student of the 4th course will represent Russia in Abu Dhabi, majoring in “aviation Maintenance technology”. Have to repair the helicopter. The site will roll out a helicopter after three days allocated for the Troubleshooting needs to take off. And to be clear, did the person with the problem, well if he is taught”.

Training in modern colleges is at a very high level. However, the President assured the winners that the opportunities will expand. “Programs obsolete fairly quickly, he said. – The economy and what the economy requires from the point of view of training, is evolving much faster – this is a known issue. But, unfortunately, so it’s a long time to resolve… the Minister of education will once again discuss this matter, and for the regions will work too, so prepared not just in any old techniques of 30 years ago, and prepared professionals who will be needed today and tomorrow.”

The future participants of the WorldSkills cleared up and the issue of military service. “We created so-called scientific company, – said Vladimir Putin. – And now going to do a Technopark for young professionals who graduated from higher education institutions and can be an alternative and a real military conscription, but using your best knowledge and skills.”

At the highest level. What’s the secret to winning capital masters?

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How to become a member of WorldSkills

In Moscow the Championships WorldSkills standards carried out by the Department of education of the city, work is being done in 2014. Until this year the competitions were held in two areas: the national WorldSkills Championships (for College students) and WorldSkills Hi-Tech (corporate Championships for young workers).

To become participants of the international championship can College students 16 to 22 years. First, they need to win internal the Olympics in your school, then win the championship in their region and gain the most points in the qualifying competitions. Further – participation in the final national championship of the “Young professionals” (WorldSkills Russia).

The participants of the Worldskills Hi-Tech – employees of industrial enterprises from 18 to 28 years. They have a selection for the corporate championship at the enterprise and sectoral victory in the championship for several companies, then the national championship of working professions through high-tech industries.

After graduating from College, anyone can take the exam to obtain a certificate of competency SkillsPassport. The document helps enterprises to more clearly assess the capabilities of potential employees, as displayed in the passport of the evaluation is on the results of practical tasks. Data about the success of the graduate is stored in an electronic database.

Expensive victory

“These guys are our gold Fund for the reorganization and increase of the level of professional education in the country,” says the winners of the championship in Abu Dhabi technical Director of the Russian Union of WorldSkills Alexey Tischikov.

Holders of Golden hands rely not only gold medals: success has a monetary value. The prize is 350 thousand virtually any. for bronze, 500 thousand for virtually any silver, and 1 million virtually any for the first place.

Welder-millionaire. As a work of Volgodonsk made the money

“Imagine how many opportunities each year the participants of the championship, – says the College”s Director Sergei Mikhailov. – They listen to lectures by the best professors from the best institutions. The winners – very young people – get very decent money. A Day in the city, the President of Russia invited these guys to the podium in red square”.

Every 4th working today with higher education

According to HeadHunter for 2017, every fourth worker in Russia is higher education, so it was decided to run the Championships WorldSkills standards specifically for students.

The first Intercollegiate championship in the high-tech and service competencies to be held in Moscow from 28 November to 1 December. It will be attended by 360 people from 120 universities of Russia, 25 of which – Moscow. 30 selected competencies from the following units: information and communication technology, art and design, manufacturing and engineering technology construction and building technology, transport and logistics, social and personal services. Now there are preliminaries. The championship is one of the areas of cooperation, an agreement which was signed by the Moscow government, Agency for strategic initiatives and the Union of WorldSkills.

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