Ahead of time. Entrepreneurs of Moscow, rely on high technology

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The event was timed to the Day of Russian entrepreneurship and gathered representatives of both large and small businesses. It was attended by the heads of government agencies and experts. The main theme of the forum was the competition of global cities for business talents. It was actively discussed by entrepreneurs and representatives of authorities.

Leading the direction

The forum addressed a range of areas. For example, experts say that the most common talents are revealed today in the field of digital business. The exposition of innovative products worked all day at the venue. This industry is a genuine interest from both entrepreneurs and the authorities. No wonder the exposition was visited by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Natalia Sergunina.

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Sergei Sobyanin said that the innovation infrastructure of the capital includes more than 1 thousand objects, including engineering companies, business-incubators, centers of prototyping and collective use. Here is located 3.5 thousand units of the latest equipment that is available to any company. And Natalia Sergunina noted that the creation of conditions for development of “new technology entrepreneurs” is one of the priorities of capital, as these people have high potential for rapid growth. In addition, they are able to actively implement new solutions and technologies.

“The company’s most important economic sectors posted production in the industrial parks. Accounts for over 13% of enterprises of electronic industry of the city, almost a tenth of the pharmaceutical industry. But only about 30 industrial parks of Moscow are more than 1 500 high-tech companies, producing products with a high intellectual component. They created almost 41 thousand high-paying jobs,” — said the Deputy mayor.

Power, in turn, provide the technology parks as perspective direction of preferences for taxes and payments to the budget of Moscow: a 12.5% (instead of 18%) for the income tax, 0.7% of the assessed land tax, reduced rate of land lease in the amount of 0.01% of the cadastral value of land, and exemption from property tax. Total savings of up to 25%.

Good conditions

Sergei Sobyanin, speaking at the plenary session of the forum, said an important and joyful for many entrepreneurs in the near future in Moscow will be adopted a package of new support measures for business. It includes the payment of up to half of the cost of technological connection of industrial facilities, 15% compensation of the cost of new equipment for residents of technoparks. And the new status of a regional investment project will give the opportunity to reduce the tax rate on the profit on such projects to a record high of 10%.

“The idea that the produce in Moscow is expensive, evolved over the years. Now Moscow offers good conditions. Now we need to convince the market”, — said the President of “OPORA RUSSIA” Alexander Kalinin.

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“The forum of entrepreneurs — not just an exhibition or conference, — says General Director of R&D Roman Boldyrev. Is a platform where you can find new contacts for business. Both customers and suppliers. In addition, this is a great opportunity to acquire useful contacts in business circles. For example, last year we met two of our future customers. One of them is a subsidiary of the Corporation “Rosatom”.

“Contacts made during the forum, often develop into partnerships, as was the case last year. We found a contractor for the glazing of Windows and erection of steel structures and very pleased with the cooperation that lasts until now. Of course, companies that provide similar services in the market quite a lot, but to find people who think in terms of possibilities, not problems. And we are glad that we succeeded,” adds the General Director of open company “Power repair” Mr Guryanov.

All day forum “Business-spring 2017” worked as a visiting service Center for business, entrepreneurs and startups and consulted on all issues related to the business. Was introduced and all existing city portals for entrepreneurs, helping to important and reliable information to analyse competitive environment when opening a new case, to find free space to accommodate the production or to participate in city procurement.

Time contracts

The Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow at the forum signed a cooperation agreement with one of the leading business associations — joint-stock company “Business environment”. It will allow Moscow to push for development of small and medium-sized businesses.

Small business has a significant impact on the structure of the entire economy of Moscow. At this time, the city was more than 800 thousand subjects of small and average business. And this is a considerable number — about 13% of all businessmen of the country.

The agreement provides coordination support to SMEs, promoting both current and potential entrepreneurs, information exchange and joint organization of training programs, events and awareness-raising focus, such as seminars, exhibitions, conferences, forums, etc. projects, as well as establishing contacts with Russian and foreign partners and international organizations.

Small and medium business in Moscow actively supported by the government. To this end, the city established various support institutions, including the Fund of assistance to crediting of small business, the Moscow Fund of support of industry and entrepreneurship, Venture Fund, office for the protection of the business service Centres for business.

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