Archaeologists have discovered in Egypt new mummies


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Moscow, September 10 – AIF-Moscow.

The Egyptian authorities announced that archaeologists have found three new mummies in the tomb of the king’s jeweler, naidennaja near Luxor, about 700 kilometers South of Cairo, reports BBC News.

Live mummies among us. About the mystery of incorruptibility and of the hidden resources of the organism

It is reported that the tomb belongs to the period of the New Kingdom (XVI-XI century BC).

According to preliminary data, found the mummies belong to a woman and her two children. Mother died around age 50, it is noted that she suffered from a bone disease caused by bacteria. Her sons were no less than 20 and 30 years.

In addition, the tomb was found a statue of a jeweler Amenemhat, is shown seated next to his wife.

According to the Minister of antiquities of Egypt, Khalid al-Anani, on the walls of tombs, scientists have been able to read four new name of the people whose graves have not yet been found.

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