Arsenal – Atletico Madrid – 1:1 online stream match of 1/2 final of the Europa League

This meeting is called an early finish. London “Arsenal” will try to say goodbye to Arsene Wenger, who is leaving the team at the end of the season. However, this would be incredibly hard. The current gunners do not look that stumbling block that can stop this monster as “Atletico”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

In parallel to the semi-finals with the score 2:0 defeated Marseille. “Salzburg” Thauvin scored (15 minutes) and Ni (63 minute).

– I must say that lucky today, “Atletico”. Although after the first half and conceding a goal in the second, it seemed that this night will not end for “plans” is no good. Removal on 11 minutes, Vrsaljko, and then Simeon has impacted greatly on guests. Arsenal set to beat the opponent, but one of the last forces held out. And had a chance to score. However, in the second half not sdyuzhil guests. Lacazette scored a header. And then came the mistake of the defense of “Arsenal”, which, Griezmann equalized. Further attempts of Arsenal to win was not successful. And now Atletico was the favorite of the series.

90+4′ All. It’s a draw!

90+3′ Pitch, and the ball bounces to the Jack, which is very well struck with the right. The ball went high for about 10 meters.

90+3′ Corner finally earned the British.

90+2′ Ramsey threatens Again! Flow, and the Welshman”s head shot but the Clouds feeric. In the place of it.

90+1′ Three minutes added to the match.

90′ Try the British scored in the end. but again rests on the players “Atletico”.

88′ Lacazette now with a header! But by much.

87′ Cloud save! Filing to the right, and Ramsey”s head ferried the ball into the left corner of the goal guests, but the goalkeeper made a fantastic jump managed to hit the ball!

85′ Miracles, of course. Cost Griezmann to score, as it was replaced by Torres.

82′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Griezmann! Draw! Collective protection error “Arsenal”. Long pass from the defender, and Griezmann, who escaped the offside trap, he began to fight with Caseline in the penalty area, and won that fight, went one on one and shot, but Ospina parried the ball aside. Antoine managed to pick up a shell. On the road in front of the gate trying to grow up Mustafi, but not on time slipped. In the end, Griezmann shot on goal from an acute angle. Shkodran managed to touch the ball down, but he still flew into the net gate “Atletico”!

79′ Guests are trying to lay the ball to feet. But Arsenal everywhere today. Everywhere the players Wenger have time to take the ball away from opponents. The Spaniards somehow exceptionally slow today.

75′ Another replacement. Simeone decided not to fight for a draw, and to defend a narrow defeat. Entered the field Savich is Correa.

74′ and xhaka here again emptied the gun. On the left beat the Swiss, but the ball went above the gate. For the umpteenth time.

71′ And again not allowed Lacazette to score! Ozil found a penetrating pass into the penalty area lone Frenchman! But is slow to strike Alexander. In the end, the ball took the defender.

70′ Lacazette! A corner,and the Frenchman head transported a ball into the left corner of the goal Cloud! But the ball went inches away from goal. While lucky guests. Although the score is 0:1.

69′ And now Godin re-save after a ball from Lescott!

67′ could Still home to score. A cross from Welbeck and Lacazette almost closed this pass.

65′ Replacement at Atletico Madrid. Gaby came on for Gameiro.

61′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Lacazette! Grisman brought this goal. He received the ball from the defender on the right edge of the penalty area and, instead, to knock it tried to traverse between the legs of Montreal. But the Spanish defender is no fool and quickly took the ball himself. Then the ball came to Ramsey on the left edge of the attacks of the hosts. Flow, and Lacazette to head the ball on goal from the free kick. Cloud did not manage to get the ball, and he flew into the right corner of the site.

58′ had virtually on the goal line, “Atletico” the game is. Now Ramsey got the ball at the gate of the Clouds on the left, scratched his at Jimenez and was shot, but there Godin was able to dislodge the projectile.

56′ began to carry a Little Arsenal of his opponent. But even through giving them the defenders of the guests.

53′ Wilshere had a shot from outside the penalty area on the left, but the ball flew just into the hands of the Cloud.

51′ Clash. Could happen. Xhaka brought down Lucas. The victim immediately went to find out the relationship to the offender, but then there was a short verbal altercation, the business didn’t come.

49′ the Spaniards while a little more active look, oddly enough, given their game in the minority

46′ the Second half started!

– A lot of events comprised the first half. However, no main goals. But was removing Vrsaljko in the beginning of the meeting. After that Arsenal took the guests by the throat. Repeatedly attacked by the wards of Wenger. “Plans” bent, but never broke. And then guests a couple of times dangerously threatened collars of the Pockmarks. In General,absolutely nothing is resolved in this match.

45+2′ All. Break.

45+1′ Two minutes added to the first half. Flow from Jake and the ball came to the left edge of the penalty area, where they beat Ramsey, but he hesitated with this decision and hit the defender.

45′ Corner earned Bellerin in front of the gate, “Atletico”.

44′ Correa! Here it was dangerous. Counterattack, the visitors managed. In the end, the Argentine left got the ball, entered the penalty area and shot from the penalty line. The ball went a little above the right “nine”.

43′ Just tramping in the whole gate, “Atletico” now the players! But they would interfere with each other to beat. In the end, it all ends with the violation of the rules in the attack at Chelsea.

40′ another kick to the Pit. After a free-kick struck his head the away player. Not very dangerous, but it says that the team got a bit tired of Wenger.

39′ the answer of the Londoners. Xhaka took a shot from distance. But the ball went above the gate.

37′ Dangerous moment at the gate of the Pit! Party brilliantly burst past two defenders and managed to pass the ball to the left under the blow Grisman. Antoine struck powerfully from the left, but Ospina has taken the right place in the goal and tipped the ball into the side!

33′ And now, snarled “plans”! Out on the left they have earned. Catapulted the ball, and he rode goals from defenders of “Arsenal” over the foul line, where Griezmann fired from the right. The ball flew into the bottom right corner, but there he was covered Pock! It was the first dangerous moment at gate of owners.

31′ Nothing comes to the ball from the Arsenal gate in the Clouds! Combine the hosts as they did in the match with CSKA. But then in the second half, in this match they still miss. And now feed from the left edge of the penalty area, where left alone Montreal-touch shot past the far stand.

27′ Atletico Madrid, like the last effort bounces. Unknown, it would be the same, not whether removal Vrsaljko, but clearly the team Simeone.

26′ Simeone, meanwhile, watches the actions of his team from the VIP boxes. Nervous Argentine specialist, goes back and forth.

25′ Now Ozil shot with his left from outside the penalty area. The ball flew just over the left “nine.”

22′ the corner, but the ball came on the right post, where was the lone Casalini. But that was not very clumsily picked at the ball and missed his face. How many moments ruined Arsenal for 22 minutes?

21′ Welbeck” And he was unable to score. Found Ozil fine pass to Danny on the left edge of the penalty area. The Englishman moved closer to Atletico Madrid, but beat the Clouds could not. Angular.

20′ Wilshere struck his head from five metres, but the ball flew just into the hands of the Cloud

16′ Another cross from the left, and Lacazette to head the ball from outside the penalty area. Much above the gate.

13′ well, well! What’s going on! TURP is still one of atlético removes! And who! Simeon sends it into the stands from the bench! Diego was just in shock. As the visiting fans. And, presumably, the players. Too emotional mentor “plans” are now appealed to the referee missed a foul to the player and Chelsea in the player, “Atletico”.

11′ And wow what a referee TURP from France. Second yellow Vrsaljko, and develops it in red! Already in the 11th minute, atlético remains in the minority! Judging by the replay, there were yellow.

10′ Here was the response of the guests. Griezmann was filed to the right, and Gameiro did not have time to head to close the pass.

9′ Visible incredible attitude of the English at the match. Already Welbeck took a shot from distance, a rebound, and from Jimenez the ball came into the hands of the Cloud.

7′ And Lacazette Continues to bomb the possession of the Cloud. Filing to the left, and the French forward already to head the ball from outside the penalty area. Cloud seriously got into the game, beating the ball aside. As a little really “plans” now look.

6′ And here the first dangerous moment in the match! At the gates of the Cloud. A cross from the left flank of Arsenal and Lacazette-touch shot from 15 metres-ti. But missed. Lucky guests

4′ Now and Vrsaljko received a yellow. He rolled dangerously under Wilshire.

3′ the Hosts handed corner. Failed.

1′ let’s Go!

– Here are the starting lineups.

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Casalini, Montreal, Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette.

Atlético: Cloud, Vrsaljko, Gimenez, Godin, Hernandez, Thomas Party, Saul, Coca, Correa, Griezmann, Gameiro.

– Good evening, dear fans of football! Welcome to the semi-finals of the Europa League match between Arsenal London and Madrid “Atletico”.

On the other hand, the “plans” are clearly not in form. Devastating defeat from the average Examples of “real Sociedad”, as well as a home draw with “betasom” speak eloquently about this. Priplyusuem here “bounce” command Simeone in a match with Portuguese “sporting” in Lisbon, when the guests have lost only with 0:1, we could do more that would put them on the brink of elimination from the tournament and understand that it would be better our “Loco” was to meet with the Spaniards now.

However, the London club can become the stimulus that will help “plans” to get together and show how they are able to choke the opponent during the whole match. However, the “Arsenal” on the home arena is also able to run and throw a few balls. So who is better?

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