As I cried and fought for bronze Pyeongchang semen Elistratov

…Semen Elistratov was embarrassed to even talk about it. Man, he was ashamed that after the finish that brought him the Olympic champion of Sochi 2014, Pyeongchang 2018 bronze, began to cry. And Simon held their main races so that you not cry, it was possible to cry from happiness. Our first medal for the hard-won Games. At the Olympic games with a bandaged soul.


“Finished and realize that I’m the third. See how happy my coach and such emotions … Where and what, I don’t know, but only have time to close hands glasses, not photographed, like a man from Russia crying. Hugging the coach, screaming that wishes, but I’m as tight as a small child, and I just shed tears…»

Here in Korea, we learn to appreciate not only the medal each sample, but each performance. Out our guys on the Olympic light, like from the dungeon. This is not just an ordinary effort – come out and show the talent and accumulated years. In Pyeongchang, every step of any athlete team OAR being watched from all sides. That said, where to go, in the correct form? And no one can not know one hundred percent, but as his emotional words will haunt you later? For example, the word Seeds on distant comrades?

“I dedicate the medal to all the guys that are so despicable and probably disgusting, without any explanation removed. This medal is for you, and fight to the end, not give up.”No, the IOC would not understand any words during the Games. But there is a supervision program for Olympic athletes from Russia for their behavior. At the end of the Games, the IOC Executive Board will give all the collected back-breaking labor. And then follow the decision – were there any difficulties in carrying out all our guys prescribed? We already explained the representative of the IOC. About Elistratova know the words already there.

“I really did not retreat where others retreated and did not give up where others gave up. Insanely happy, insanely proud,” say all there, in the mixed zone semen.

I will say that his decision to go to the Games supported is suspended Ahn and Grigorev. “They said: “Simon, don’t listen to anyone. In your place we would have taken that decision to go.”Me because many have asked, I will fly or not for the Olympic games. Said – think. Well, as I will not fly? This is my life, my dream path. Olympic medal – the sort of thing that it is impossible to make. Coming here at the start, I was only thinking about one thing: what I worry about? I’m ready? So ready. What trained what he deserved, now come and get it. Came out with a completely cool head. But I really liked the semi-final race – it turned out as it should. In the final, not all, unfortunately…”.

The race, which is very much semen, deprived me of the voice on time. Tear away. The short track, and most importantly – Simon, which became the first, like the dodgy way to victory in this difficult sport. To climb into any slot, not to catch anyone not to fall, when fall is near, do not give to push myself, to push myself… A distance-it is 1500 meters! During this time, the short track will have hate for his characteristic pretty nasty tactics of behavior, and get excited about virtuoso skates and literally millimeter understanding of the situation. Nerves of the beholder – three sheets. Emotions – crazy. Bleachers crowded.

Remember Svetlana Zhurova, Olympic champion in skating, said: when the athletes fall and a scary crash into the boards, it is only valid on the audience, is impressive. The volunteer who is standing behind two rows of thick cushions came off after hitting the side of a fallen short-tremist feet and was picked up by his comrades in the volunteer movement, was also impressed. The head wound for a long time.

Short track falls rich. Group especially. And in the final Elistratova and fled even up to eight people (usually six)! “It is unusual, of course. It was impossible to sit back at the end of the group, chances are there are reduced to zero. I tried to run to the “head”. Tribunes shout, my coach shouts something, I don’t understand. I think so – wait, you need to concentrate!”.

To concentrate our guys have not only in the struggle. First this day was a medal for our stripped-down team, the first was the press conference. The table Elistratov sat without visible emotion. Well, that seppelt not as much. Questions of foreign journalists were rather correct character.

Told Simon and them – that dedicates the award dismissed the guys, very happy for the medals in such a difficult time for our sport situation and grateful to everyone who has helped. “Anyone who is behind me – my team, Russian fans, who managed to get on these Games and are able to support our team. And not only Russian. Many thanks.»

Talk about how hard he had, the Olympic champion in Sochi, multiple European champion, world champion, this season the disease stalked, interrupted from place to place. He’s still in Sochi promised the fight for individual medals in Phenchhane. “And just a month ago because of the difficulties and problems in the world Cup I was the twentieth.”

And I say: “I know what a dope”. Meldonium got Seeds in the harsh proceedings. To tell in detail no one is ready, but probably not in this much need. Time, in any case, it is not suitable. But the prosecution, then the statements of the head of the Federation of skates a lie detector test for the national team, then the separation from it of one of the athletes – all I remember. Simon was acquitted, nerves ropes then did not anybody. This is what meant Elistratov, talking about doping.

About the same, some hours later, I had to speak to the head of the medical Department of the IOC Richard Bagatto (he was part of the Commission for the admission of our athletes in Pyeongchang), answering a question from foreign correspondents: how is semen issued the invitation to the Games?

“As you know, Meldonium is a special question. The duration of its release from the body have not been studied. In Eastern Europe the drug is used widely and to a point it was banned. We need to be honest, it was not considered doping.”Phew, it was possible to directly start to love this time of badzhetta.

And semen Elistratov, directly informing the audience that most wants now to use the toilet to pee and then to sleep, nod, and even smile in the direction of Olympic champion Korean Hye lim Jung, in a funny cap with a pompon sitting at a press conference near. And tell what they trained together at the gathering here in Korea, right before the Games. “I am very glad that I was able to get on the podium with such worthy opponents (the second was the Tavern, Knegt, the Netherlands).

The winner with the pompom will not be frightened of a question, he would like to play the Games together with Viktor Ahn? No doubt, I would. “It told me that I can perform well. Gave advice, I learned a lot. Saw him in 2006 in Torino, a dream to participate in the Olympic games appeared then. Great respect for this athlete and was very disappointed when I learned that he was not invited to Korea. To participate in the same race would be very exciting”.

By the way, protecting Seeds, Baggett will talk about the results of the doping tests at all of all the athletes from Russia at the Games. Clean. And again: continue to monitor carefully.

“Olympic athletes of Russia have paid much attention. Those who came here are clean, but history shows that it is impossible to lose vigilance. This high-risk group”.

A wonderful athlete from a “risk group”, and we say a – team special forces – Eugene Medvedev, morning having broken his own world record in the short program, speaking at the team tournament of figure skaters, the question of whether she is proud that the IOC invited her to the Game, said: “I am Proud of homeland, family, loved ones. I can’t be proud of itself. I’m doing everything that depends on me in every situation”.

…And we should be proud. Each. Do not have the right to substitute careless actions, questions they try to answer honestly. “For the good of their team, I very carefully monitor the equipment and everything else”, without going into details, I will say the same of Medvedev.

Good, in spite of everything that I want in Korea, we must remember the main goal. The first hero team on Olympic games in Korea, semen Elistratov will formulate it so: “Can I say that I came here for nothing? Are you kidding or what?! Of course not. How to get to the Olympic games “in vain”? This is my life, my path that I chose in childhood. This bronze medal is the most hard-won of all received in your career and the most expensive!”.

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