As we saw in orbit, the Gagarin Cup

On Tuesday, December 19, will occur the regular docking of manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-07” the International space station. Among the goods that will deliver the 55th expedition under the command of Russian Anton Shkaplerov, hockey puck and the top prize of the Kontinental hockey League, Gagarin Cup. However, in space, where every milligram counts, went not himself a 26-pound trophy, and it is reduced by about 10 times an exact copy. The special correspondent “MK” was able personally to visit the launch site and carry out “Union” in the sky.

photo: Sergey Kivrin

The idea to unite the efforts of the sport and the conquest of space was prompted by life itself. The NHL is in 2018, will compete for a prize in the 10th time and the first modules of the ISS was delivered into orbit in 2008. But most importantly — how not to be in space trophy, named after Yuri Gagarin. Supported the idea of the first Hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev.

521 th in the world cosmonaut Anton shkaplerov was preparing for his third expedition to the station along with American Scott Tingle and Norishige Japanese Kanae. First, in hockey language, the three will stay on the ISS until June: mission extended. But it will not derail plans: two valuable athletic attribute you will bring to Earth the expedition, which will undock and return early.

— I’m originally from Sevastopol, where there are no conditions for hockey, but I watch it, and when possible, happy to see the game on TV, and from the podium, — said Anton Nikolaevich. — As a military man, prefer CSKA, but if there is a match without the participation of the army, let’s just enjoy the beauty of hockey. Even from space: you can not just know the results and watch matches completely live. The final series of the Gagarin Cup, which will begin with a face-off of our washer, be sure to look.

Washer-traveler correspondent “MK” was able to see earlier in the cosmonaut training Center in Star city, but the start of it, as the copy of the Cup of Gagarin already been quarantined: this applies to any cargo that is sent to the ISS. But her earthly “sisters” gave a lot of young athletes, special guest promotions, the right winger of the club continental hockey League “Barys” (Astana) Nigel Dawes. On the eve of the start of “Union” the canadian gave a master class for young and adult players, in an open area. The player is honestly, still a bit frozen. Nigel, a warming tea, laughed rated when he heard from me congratulations on the successful beginning of coaching: he’s not even 30 years old.

photo: Dmitry Lyubimov
Nigel Dawes.

— Seriously, I hope that it will be many years before I think about coaching. Much more fun to play, that is… But the kids had a great attitude, adults also had fun at the rink. So I got a lot of fun, glad I became a part of the celebration. Train was initially difficult for both children and adults: I do not speak neither in Russian, nor Kazakh, not all understand English. But the language of hockey is not just a stamp. A few exercises all understand what I want to achieve them. Children are not very well able to concentrate, but it is forgivable.

— In the cold after a different feeling than in the hall?

— I haven’t played or skated in the open air. Although I am originally from Winnipeg, and frost did not surprise me. A small child, while hockey has not become the main business of life, mostly on the street and played, we ran to warm up, then after all drawn back to the ice. And so it was repeated again and again. So, accepting the offer of “Astana”, I knew about the local climate. It happens when it is better to sit at home and move around only by car, but on Sunny days go for a walk with my son.

— The NHL recently held an official match of the regular championship in the street in Helsinki when we met Jokerit and SKA. Would like his team to participate in this?

— The idea is very good, but you can’t plan the weather, so you need to be careful in the choice of the city. In General, it brings many other elements into the game. Get out of your usual comfort zone, it is necessary not only to defend or attack, but to think about how to bask. Think about the fans, which is also colder than they used to. However, this brings us back to the origins of the game, which was invented on the street. So two games in one year is absolutely fine.

— You are included in the annual “Star game” which will be held in Astana in January.

— I love it. Represent team at home, in a match best, and you fans will especially support! Will not have to fly, the family will be there and will see it all. It is important that the organizers will make a real feast.

— Much has been said about deprivation of the Russian national team to participate in the Olympic games under the flag of the country.

— No one could have predicted. But well, that still, the team decided to go. In the absence of the NHL players it will be team number one in the Olympic tournament. Behind her are Sweden, Finland, Canada and the Czech Republic.

photo: Dmitry Lyubimov

— In the list of experiments 55th expedition one is dedicated to the analysis of communication for a long time people of three different nationalities and speak different languages. What would you wish for?

Is a very good comparison with hockey! Even in our team we have people from different countries, go out on the ice during one or several seasons, understand how to play on the ice, what do you say coach. I think that the astronauts all seem. They work together constitute a single team. People in difficult conditions unite for one common goal. They are after all in space no one can rely only on themselves. Yes, they can contact the MCC, but the three of them, so the understanding comes faster. I don’t think they need my advice, but when we work together on something is always easier than one. After all, they chose this crew, accidents excluded…

The night before startup — especially if it happened — team Russia defeated team Canada in the most important match of the Cup of the First channel. The game was the centre of attention: it is unlikely that it will change a lot in our for the time remaining until the Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang. Scoring extravaganza failed, but the goalie Koshechkin has defended on a zero. Team Russia won the 14th title at the Moscow tournament. In short, everything went safely, and the next morning at the start of the “Union” where we are on the lookout with a colleague was entrusted to carry the original of the Gagarin Cup. Don’t remember watching it ever under his feet so carefully! But what is more important: an hour and a half before the start from those who want to take a picture with a silver Cup, there was no end.

“Flight normal” — a phrase that is firmly in the Russian everyday life for 60 years, sounded in the truest sense of the word. When the ship went into a small bright spot, and the sky melted his “autograph” — the vapor trail, we rushed to the airport.

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