Ashamed in front of foreigners: Matvienko upset “primitive” dolls at fairs

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko was unhappy with the fact that at the fair in red square sells some “primitive” dolls. According to the speaker, some products even ashamed to show to foreigners.


At the meeting of Council for questions of intellectual property Matvienko said that visited the Christmas fair on red square, near Gum Department store, reports “Interfax”.

“After the fair “Ladya” (fair of folk arts and crafts — approx.) go by, all painted, not hand-made, primitive. Shame, and where the foreigners, it is a shame that we were traded among the boys in the band” – she was indignant.

The speaker of the Federation Council emphasized that Russia produced a large number of unique and original crafts. According to Matvienko, she’s going to assign each Senator to register during the year, one brand.

And as the senators from each subject two, you get two brands from each region. “The senators will have to register them, let them do it! Terms then expire, senators-you have to fight for a place under the sun,” said the speaker (her words leads TASS).

Matvienko was indignant that Kubachi silver, Palekh boxes, Dymkovo toys and many other famous Russian brands still remain unregistered. If each Senator will register one name will appear in Russia, with 340 brands, she said.

According to the experts, products with a registered designation of origin regions will bring at least 500 billion in the next eight years. The Federation Council speaker noted that this amount of money “can hardly be neglected.”

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