Astronomers of NASA have detailed photos of the “asteroid of the century”

Moscow, 25 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

Scientists have obtained detailed photos of large near-earth asteroid Phaethon, thanks to the work of the radio telescope, “Arecibo”, according to NASA.

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The asteroid will approach earth at a record small distance in the 21st century 10 million kilometers. It happened in mid-December. That celestial body was in the catalog are potentially dangerous for life on Earth objects, the distance shall be not less than 8 million kilometers, and be large enough to not be destroyed when passing the atmosphere.

Phaeton, in turn, is six kilometers in diameter and is ranked among the so-called “apollonovka” asteroids closer to the Sun at a very small distance.

An astronomer from the Observatory of the “Arecibo” Patrick Taylor announced that an asteroid similar in shape to the Bennu, was recognized as one of the most dangerous near-earth asteroids and current goal machine OSIRIS-Rex. The dimensions of the chaise about a thousand times more.

“Dark stain on its surface may be a crater or other depression which does not reflect the radar beams back to Earth,” commented Taylor.

The asteroid Phaethon opened in October 1983, the infrared space Observatory IRAS. As predicted by the researchers, it is completely gone in the near future.

To explore the asteroid managed 16 Dec 2017, when he got close to the Ground. This allowed us to send several signals to the surface of the object to find out details of its shape, size and arrangement of the subsoil.

Another chance to see the Phaeton with such a close distance will appear to astronomers almost 100 years later, in 2093 year.

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