At Harvard have created a material that can seal any wound

Undoubtedly, one of the major problems faced by surgeons when conducting emergency operations (or in the case of unforeseen complications) is to combat bleeding. The standard methods of coagulation and wound closure is not always convenient and fast. But recently a group of scientists from Harvard has managed to develop a glue for human tissue. This glue sticks well to any wet surfaces, providing the ability to “stick” even damaged the heart muscle.

About the new development according to the editors of the journal Science. According to the report, a new substance developed on the basis of connections allocated land slug Arion subfuscus, which lives in Western and Central Europe. Arion subfuscus produces a gummy substance that is not soluble in water and adheres well to any wet surface, even to the ground. “Natural glue” consists of a series of protein chains, charged negatively and positively. These chains, communicating with each other, form the long links.

Using alginates, sugar extracted from seaweed fiber, hydrogel and an analog connection of a slug, scientists have developed “glue for human tissue.” Liquid substance, or even a band-aid on the basis of the new material attached to the surface in three different ways, forming durable covalent and less strong ionic and hydrogen bonds. The power of “setting” that is formed through these relations, according to experts, significantly higher than the same parameter for the ligaments and cartilage. Thread alginate participate in the formation of a solid relationship and dissipate energy under compression and tension glued surface. The patch is based on new technology can stretch by 14 times, and he will not break.

Your material scientists experienced in several laboratory tests. They managed to successfully seal the damaged muscle of rats, the skin of pigs and even a pig’s damaged heart. The substance does not cause irritation, allergic reactions and other complications. As stated by Donald Ingber, who worked on the technology

“Nature often provides us with elegant solutions to everyday problems. The main thing — to understand where to find a solution. We are very pleased that our technology, of which was a simple snail can become a basis for new methods of treatment of wounds and surgical operations.”

At Harvard have created a material that can seal any wound
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