Basketball: why showdown “Khimki” and CSKA will continue in Mytishchi

None of the quarterfinals of the Euroleague, the main European basketball tournament this year will not end with a dry series! And here Moscow “Khimki” played on the home ice in Mytishchi in the match against CSKA Moscow — 79:73, bringing the account in a series to three victories to “2-1”. It is another matter: at 20.00 on Friday, April 27, the rivals will meet again at the “Arena Mytischi”. Variants two. Either it ends, or fate of the participant of the final four will be delayed until 1 may.


Admittedly, the victory of “Khimki” with the phenomenal Alexey Shved was not even surprised. The first two success of the army in the “Megasport” achieved virtually equal. The gap is minimal.

But really the fans ‘ support so important? Pavel Astakhov, the General Director of the Moscow club has no doubt in this: “This game really reminded first, but as it ended, you know. And now we were in front of their fans. We seriously think to catch on and have another match to even the score. Why not? Difficult end of the match, but otherwise at such stages of the tournament and do not happen. Anyway, thanks to the stands!”

At the site tried each other “perebrosali” Alexey Shved, the European champion of the regular season and Cory Higgins. Phenomenal numbers for such meeting (27 to 26 in favor of the Russians) speak volumes. If we are to continue on the eternal — this is the first ever win of Khimki in the series to take off in the Euroleague, and at this stage the yellow-blue perform for the first time.

The owners are anticipating the return of Tyler Honicutt. Starting storm away (0:5 on the scoreboard, however, the start of the games — not the strongest side of “Khimki”) was interrupted, of course, a Swede, and then the suburban team took the lead. Anthony Gill at one point staged an attraction worthy of the acrobatic elements of the show-command “Harlem Globtrotters”, throwing in the ring at the time of the somersault over his head after a collision — and hit! (that Gill will be the second performance in this match, earning 22 points, also recording 7 rebounds).

Not to say that the match was homogeneous: open the game was followed by strict action in this case, of course, without errors has not managed neither one nor the other. But “Khimki” felt home support, the maximum allowed to equalize, no more. Then the scoreboard lit up worrying for the hosts figures 65:65.

But how he can build a defense coach Georgios Bartzokas know everything, watching the Euroleague since the days of his work with the Greek “Olympiakos” and Krasnodar “the Locomotive”. And the ending this time brought victory to the hosts. Series for advancing to the Final four continues! If Friday is equalized, Willy-nilly, the winner will reveal in celebration, we called the Day of spring and labour. To work in this case, the teams will have exactly.

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