Bloomberg: Putin after the inauguration will take an unprecedented decision

After the inauguration (which, recall, is scheduled for may 7) Vladimir Putin will sign a decree containing a plan of economic development of Russia for the nearest six-year-old, sources told Bloomberg.


According to the publication, announced this could be a breakthrough in improving the quality of life of Russians. If to talk about the specifics reported about the upcoming increase of 10 trillion virtually any spending in infrastructure, education and health during the six-year period.

Talking about the fact that this amount, as well as the sources of financing of the additional costs may not be publicly announced, since the purpose of the President — the stimulus for the development of the economy, and not PR.

Sources of investments in these spheres, according to sources, may be the decrease of other expenses — for example, on defense, as well as increasing the tax burden (previously discussed options to increase personal income tax for part of the population to 15%, reduction of VAT exemptions and introduction of a sales tax at the rate of 4%).

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