Bright guests. Emir Kusturica arrive at a business forum in Moscow

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At Synergy Global Forum, organized by the University “synergy”, will meet many famous people — businessmen, executives of large companies, representatives of the creative environment and others. The business forum will be held on 27-28 November in SC “Olympic”, which will gather at the same time more than 15000 people. To discuss important details and nuances of the business world coming entrepreneurs and top managers from Russia, CIS and Europe.

Important guests

On the stage of the sports complex will be such famous speakers as a popular filmmaker Oliver STOn, a prominent economist and the author of the theory of “Black Swan” Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, author of bestseller “the Speed of trust. That changes everything” Stephen Covey Jr., a British psychologist and the author of the theory of the Mind Map, Tony Buzan, the famous American trainer and leadership management Marshall goldsmith and other world stars.

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Outside officialdom

At the end of events already on the first day of the forum, November 27, will be bright afterparty. It will take place in “Olympic” and will gather a huge number of guests from all over the world. After an extensive business program, the participants will be able to relax, listening to the concert of Serbian folk band The No Smoking Orchestra with the participation of Emir Kusturica. The legendary Director will once again delight the audience with a performance of the anthem of Russia at a concert in 2016, the national anthem of our country has opened its music program, which caused a warm response in the media and a great response.

According to the organizers of the forum, visit the event Emir Kusturica will be a real gift for all participants: “Emir Kusturitsa — the legendary Director, whose films have grown more than one generation. He openly shows his love to our country, and his participation in the event is a great honor for us,” says Executive Director of the forum organizer Vadim Lobov.

Kusturica himself is also happy to visit again in Russia: “I love Russia. This is a great country with a rich history and culture. I feel that we have much in common, so always happy to come back here”.

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