“Business Lines” improved financial performance despite the crisis

The property of the media have become and ratings of the leading transport and logistics operators in the country. According to the study, despite a number of existing threats, and market prospect in the field of transportation looks favorably.

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The leaders of the segment of cargo transportation not only managed to maintain its position in the background of the crisis, but also to improve a number of key indicators. This conclusion follows from the report of analysts “RBC Research of markets.” “In the segment of trucking the greatest damage was caused to the operators of international destinations, the study says. – Reduction of freight traffic in the direction of the EU – Russia due to the food embargo has affected their financial indicators, requiring additional efforts for the reorientation and redistribution of logistics in other markets.” In these circumstances, to strengthen the position are those carriers who were able to shift to work in the markets of the Asia-Pacific region, as well as those who have increased their share in the domestic market. So, the situation on the market could strengthen, and the leader in the segment of TLC – the group of companies “Business Lines”, founded in 2001 by Alexander Bogatikov.

Today, the operator is actively increasing its presence in the regions. Only from June 2015 to November 2017, the operator opened about 80 new branches in different cities of Russia. He now has more than 190 offices throughout the country. “Offices are located in areas of mass housing development, at the intersection of major transport nodes, industrial areas where at the moment there is no terminal “Business Lines,” says Director of public relations GK “Business Lines” Simeon Selivanov. – To increase the share in the e-commerce segment, the company plans to expand the network offices in the format of “at home” and open them in all areas of the capital and St. Petersburg. And we are confident that this approach will pay off in the long term due to long-term relationships with consumers and address their needs.”

By estimates of company knight Frank, CC “Business Line”was also a leader in the number of warehouse space under management. The group of companies continues to increase the number of warehouses (in 2017 are open terminals in Odintsovo, Naro-Fominsk, Gatchina, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Almetyevsk and Armavir). Experts believe RBC investments into warehouses more than justified. In their opinion, in 2017, the gradual exit of economy from crisis, the demand for storage services will begin to increase and lease rates to rise. In 2017 the market volume will be higher than the 2016 7.4%, and in 2018 the growth will accelerate to 8.4%.

RBC notes separately and updating of transport Park of “Business Lines” Alexander bogatikova. As you know, for Russia, the age of the trucks is a serious problem. Park truck in the country is quite old, its average age is 20 years, two-thirds of cars older than 15 years, it is estimated the Agency AUTOSTAT. It threatens the environment and safety on the roads. At the same time in GC “Business Lines” the average age of cars does not exceed 5 years. In March 2017 the number of cars owned transport and logistics operator has reached 4,000 cars.

“2017 will be a crucial for the market, experts say RBC. – Stabilization of real incomes of the population and increasing consumer demand for goods and services in the second half of 2017 and will continue to contribute to the growth of the road transport market.

By the end of 2017 is expected to increase commercial turnover in the segment of road transport 6.6%, which, coupled with the increase in tariffs will lead to market growth of 10.4%. In 2018 the growth is expected market is still at 8.9%”.

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