By 2025, Russia will launch more than 30 satellites sensing


Moscow, July 20 – AIF-Moscow.

Deputy General Director of the holding company “Russian space systems” Evgeny Nesterov said that by 2025, Russia plans to launch remote sensing satellite 31.

In the orbital will be composed of not less than 15 spacecraft, he said at the MAKS-2017.

A practical approach. That will give Russia the development of applied cosmonautics?

“Will radar spacecraft “Kondor-FKA” and “Obzor-R” that will make the services less dependent on weather conditions”, — quotes the words of Nesterov FAN.

Earlier from the Baikonur cosmodrome launched a carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a”, which carries the apparatus for remote Earth sounding “kanopus-V-IK”. The device will monitor man-made and natural disasters.

III international aviation and space salon MAKS is held in Zhukovsky near Moscow from 18 to 23 July. Its products represented more than 650 Russian and foreign companies.

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