“Children in shock.” School bus driver became a victim of autocad

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“I was terrified”

Catherine, mother of two fourth graders still can’t get over it. During a trip she witnessed the bloody drama.

“It was just a normal day. In two hours of the day, we all sat together in a bus that went from school on a tour of the water Museum, – says Catherine. – I arrived a little early on the street took photos. Then I went to the Museum. It was an interesting interactive presentation, the kids loved it”.

Bloody trip. In Petersburg in the eyes of the children staged a brutal massacre

After children and adults went home. In the tour bus in addition to Catherine and the students was the homeroom teacher and three grandmothers of students.

“I went back fun – can you imagine a bus full of children. They’re all the racket, playing, phones, tablets, – says the woman. – We drove along the waterfront of the October was to drive up to our turn on national street. Suddenly, near the bridge to cut us off foreign car. We caught up at the traffic lights. Our driver and the driver of a foreign car opened the Windows and began to exchange remarks”.

On it incident has not ended – the car drove ahead and blocked the path of the bus with the children. The car left a man and a woman.

“Teacher Valentina Efimovna was scared, I asked our bus driver not to go out, – says Catherine. But he still left the salon. The street was a verbal altercation, then a fight. The driver of a foreign car and his companion started together to beat our driver. The teacher jumped out, tried to separate them, to calm down, but the passenger of a foreign car pushed her really hard”.

Complaints are not permitted. The bus driver hit the passenger of a survey on the phone

Catherine couldn’t stay in the cabin, came out and also tried to calm the fighting, to attract the attention of passing cars. The passenger of a foreign car driver was beaten with a baseball bat, and the driver of a foreign car turned up a knife. He repeatedly struck an unarmed man. The massacre lasted for about 10 minutes. After disassembly, the couple sat in the car and left.

“The large bus windshield, everything happened in front of the children, – says Ekaterina. – Their reaction – screaming, crying. I was terrified. Our driver stood on his feet for 2-3 minutes, then fell to the ground and began to bleed. I called the police and an ambulance while there was a fight, they arrived within 10 minutes. The doctors provided emergency assistance on the spot, and then took our driver to the intensive care unit. And we, the police Department delivered. Questioned adults and children that sat in the forefront, have given to drink and let go.”

How to run with a stretcher across the yard. The ambulance doctor of hamah on the road

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“The mind boggles”

“I became aware of this state of emergency an hour later, at seven in the evening, – said Alexander Arkhipov, Director of Kirov”s secondary school No. 1. We met the children at the school, the bus arrived at 21.10. That is, since the attack took about 3 hours. During this time many activities have been undertaken – replaced the driver, the investigation is conducted. Overall impression – a scene of violence caused the children fear, especially those who were on the front row. I hope serious psychological harm no one. The children got out of the bus is not suppressed, many smiled at the sight of the parents.”

The Case Of The “Wild”. The driver who beat the mother of two children, escaped real life

It was decided not to cancel classes the next day, the children were on schedule. Teacher Valentina Efimovna came down with high pressure and temperature. The woman is still in hospital. As for the driver, he got in the Alexander hospital in serious condition. The man had wounds to the abdomen, chest, shoulder and hands during the fight he tried to draw his knife. Surgeons fought for the life of the victim two days, conducted several operations. He has now regained consciousness.

“Unable to comment on this like all normal people: it is out of the ordinary event, this should not be, under any circumstances, – the Director of the school. – The incident itself is shocking. And that all happened in the presence of children, the mind boggles. It has been several days, complaints of feeling students are not reported.”

According to Catherine, children worried a great public outcry and the publicity received by the incident. They react emotionally to any mention of his experiences. “Everybody talks about it, it hurts children, they are afraid, – said the mother of students. I’m not just talking about her, but about the rest of the children because I have a very good relationship with the parents in the class. All in shock. It was a very hard day for all of us. I got nervous he lost his voice, still come in.” Parents of fourth-graders think to submit the claim about compensation of moral harm.

“Fast” vs Rolls-Royce. As the medic was to blame for his beating

On special control of the RF IC

Incident investigation took under personal control the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. He was instructed to detain the attackers in the shortest possible time. The city declared the plan “Interception”. The police found out that the main suspect is a 44-year-old entrepreneur Alizadeh Mustafayev, dealer in scrap. A native of Azerbaijan received Russian citizenship in 2009, the “zero” was prosecuted for violation of immigration laws.

Joined the case of SWAT Regardie. Soldiers raided the apartment of a businessman, the place of reception of nonferrous metal, and also detained two cars with the familiar Mustafayev. It turned out that people were trying to help him escape – the suspect attempted to hide in Kronstadt. In the result the following day the driver of a foreign car came in a call center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Nevsky area. The suspect”s lawyer said that his client admits his guilt. He stated in a television interview to TV channel “78”: “His girlfriend was insulted, began to hold and he had no choice but to strike. The knife he had with him. It admits the guilt”.

Managed to detain and companion Mustafayev – woman 30 years old, her name is Zulfiya Saidmuradova. Both are in custody. A criminal case under article “Attempt at murder”.

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