China assured low probability of falling debris station “Tiangong”

Moscow, 30 Mar – AIF-Moscow.

The representative of the foreign Ministry of China, Lu Kang said that the chance of dropping large fragments of the station “Tiangong-1” on the Ground is extremely small, reports TASS.

Over the Earth hung “Tiangong”. On whom will fall the Chinese station?

“The Chinese government always maintains close contact on this issue with the UN. As far as I know myself, the possibility of falling of large fragments of “Tiangong-1″ the Land is small, I would say, is negligible,” – said the diplomat.

He added that the Chinese authorities will inform the representatives of various countries in case of danger. Earlier media reported that large fragments of the station could fall on the territory of Spain, Portugal, France and Greece.

It is expected that the station weighing 8.5 tons, will enter the dense layers of the atmosphere on 1 April. According to the American System of space monitoring, unburned fragments fall into the Atlantic ocean about a thousand miles East of Rio de Janeiro.

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