CNN reported about the possible resignation Tillerson

Rex Tillerson may prematurely resign amid disagreements with Donald trump, according to CNN, citing its sources. According to TV channel, the frustration of the head of the state Department, the President is only growing

Rex Tillerson

(Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

The head of The US state Department Rex Tillerson may prematurely resign, CNN reports, citing sources familiar with the contents of the conversations, which leads the Secretary of state with his friends.

The TV channel notes that Tillerson and previously had disagreements with the President of the United States Donald trump and openly expressed them, but lately they have become more pronounced.

In particular, said the sources, the Department has considered unprofessional recent public criticisms trump the head of the Ministry of justice Jeff and Roman sessions. Last week, trump called “unfair to the President,” the fact that the sessions refused all decisions related to the investigation of the alleged Russian interference in the elections.

According to sources, earlier, Tillerson admitted that he will leave the post of head of the state Department by the end of the year. However, the sides of the channel said, do not be surprised if Tillerson retires before then.

According to them, the frustration Tillerson, as well as his doubts that the “tug of war” with the White house will soon end, has increased markedly.

That discontent is growing Tillerson, according to Reuters sources. In particular, according to them, Tillerson said that he’ll be lucky if it will work in your position for a year. Another Agency source familiar with the situation added that Tillerson “was very upset because of the lack of autonomy and independence when working for the state Department, as well as the lack of the ability to perform work that is traditionally”.

The same source said that heard nothing about a possible departure Tillerson from his post, but he added: “the Situation seems to be not improving, and in some cases getting worse”.

Last week, personnel changes occurred in the White house team responsible for public relations. So, after trump was appointed to the post of head of the White house public relations new York financier Anthony Scaramucci of, press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer resigned in protest. His place was taken by Sarah Sanders, who previously worked as Deputy press Secretary.

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