Czech producer of medical equipment does not want to give the Russian market

Czech producer of medical steam sterilizers, along with a partner from Kursk, began a campaign against Tyumen enterprises, fearing to miss the lucrative Russian market. Foreigners have to affect the operation of the plant.


Market steam sterilizers Russia is the largest supplier until 2014 was OOO “BMT-MMM” – the Moscow company established Czech manufacturer of medical equipment and furniture BMT Medical Technology.

The company’s business has been booming. LTD. “BMT-MMM” were delivered to Russian hospitals sterilizers at a price much higher than in Europe. “On the European price list BMT sterilizers Sterivap 669 BMTSterivap and 6612 (with a camera on 400 and 600 liters) are delivery and installation of 40 to 60 thousand euros. That is, by simple arithmetic this is about from 2, 9 to 4, 5 million virtually any. In Russia they are sold in the range 8. 5 to 20 million virtually any!

Not to be unfounded, select the top three “Champions”. The unconditional winner – capital Federal scientific center for research and development of immunological products to them. M. P. Chumakov of Russian Academy of Sciences. He managed (different word) this year to buy a sterilizer Sterivap 669 at a price more than 20 million virtually any (the number of purchases 0373400001017000023)!

In the second place, research the Oryol referential centre of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance. This organization in the same 2017 purchased the same steam sterilizer Sterivap 669 T for 17.332.824 ruble (number of purchases 0354100009617000001)!

And, finally, closes three honorary clinic South-Western district of Stavropol, who gave Sterivap 669 – 8.864.153, 15 ruble (number of purchases 0121200004717000334)”, writes the online edition

Soon, however, foreign companies appeared domestic competitor – JSC “Tyumen plant of medical equipment and tools”. In 2014 JSC “TZMOI” started to realize the program of the Assembly of medical equipment in the framework of the “Strategy 2020”, adopted by the Russian Government. “Strategy 2020” provides for the production in Russia by 2020, at least 50 % of medical equipment supplied to the Russian customers.

In the Tyumen factory was organized finishing Assembly of medical equipment, produced in Italy, Poland and China. The plant has received and reviewed the Acts of the chamber of Commerce of Russia, confirming compliance sterilizers criteria of industrial production in Russia, in full accordance with the RF Government Decree № 719 from 17.07.2015 G. “One of the main advantages of Russian art was its price, which was 2-3 times less than Czech companies. JSC “TZMOI” offers medical steam sterilizers from 3 to 6 million virtually any. … the sale of the Czech sterilizers have fallen sharply, and the Tyumen factory has become one of the few Russian producers of medical equipment, which became the leader in its segment of the market”, reported IA “Rosbalt”.

Czech suppliers did not lower the price and lose profit, and decided to confront Russian plant together with the distributor BMT from Kursk Namik Vahitovich by Mirzakhanova. He suddenly becomes an “expert” in the manufacture of medical devices, and it is registered in Russia and is an expert in matters of material science and international cooperation. About strange charges, the dynamics of Mirzekhanov wrote a letter, which single-handedly recognized the equipment of the Russian manufacturer counterfeiting. I wonder if he has ever visited Tyumen plant?

As reported to IA “Rosbalt”, “Understanding that the presence on the market of Tyumen production does not allow him to sell the Czech sterilizer in Kursk for virtually any 9 million (the real price of 3 million), Kursk “expert” … he writes a statement to the police, demanding to conduct an audit of the Tyumen plant and to bring its leadership to justice.

According to the statement Myrzahanova in relation to JSC “Tyumen plant of medical equipment and tools” and its distributor, LLC “Pharmstandard-Medtechnika” immediately begins an extensive investigation, backed, by a strange coincidence, a massive campaign against the Russian manufacturer in the media and on the Internet. A consequence of JSC “TZMOI” is already the third month, paralyzing production and, more importantly, eliminating the possibility of acquiring affordable hospitals sterilizers”.

Until there is a trial, the management of health care institutions are forced to purchase equipment from LLC “BMT-MMM”. According zines “in neighboring Belarus, where government purchases are under tight control, sterilizers BMT brand Sterivape_SNbSSterivap 6612 (600 liters) sold out September 20, 2017 at a price of 2, 9 million Russian virtually any (number procurement 676/17). That is, at prices even lower than the European! But the most curious that the BMT Sterivap 6612 submitted to the competition in the Oncology clinic of the city of Kursk for 9.406.974. The income is more than 300%!”. Guess who became the winner of the procurement? According to news Agency “Rosbalt”, “Individual entrepreneur consists of Mirzajanov”.

The impression is that foreign manufacturers actively prevent unfavorable for them the program of import substitution, which should become one of the driving forces behind the development of the domestic medical industry. I hope that law enforcement agencies will deal with the situation, which turned out to Tyumen plant of medical equipment.

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