Day a clever man

I don’t know about you, but for me, April 1 is a very intelligent man. Ironic man. Well laughing last, but mostly on himself. The man who embodied the immortal: “What is our life? Game!”

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The name of this person — Evgeny Gik. Well, now I understand why April fools day a holiday thanks to him, became the most intelligent? Interplanetary, all-Union, all-Russian tournament on the giveaway, they conceived and brought to the standard of sincerity and intelligence, is not Vasyuki. Evgeni was very fond of Ostap Bender, Yes, even somewhat resembled him, but in fact never Bender was not. Because no one is deceived, even for the sake of laughter. Only played.

If it could be called the Great schemer, of course, he became a great schemer of his life. A scientist, who gave his life to chess, to his Majesty the Caissa. Znayka, merry turned journalist chief journalist in this mysterious game.

He wore glasses and had never lived with a blindfold. Dispassionate justice is not about him. And through the lenses of these glasses, if you look closely, he flashed a naughty lights with nothing comparable to his irony. He saw the world. The irony was his armor, and his wisdom and his courage. He hated bestial seriousness.

April 1 — the day a very clever man Evgeni Geek. The day of his memory.

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