Dear owners: the experts made a rating of the richest mansions of Russia

At the moment the most expensive mansion for sale, located in the Moscow region. The house has an area of 1.7 thousand sq. m on a plot of two hectares in the elite village of Zhukovka 21 (Rublevo-Uspenskoe) ask for a fabulous € 100 million (of 6.83 billion). The money can buy, for example, from 20 to 50 private jets or from 1200 to 1400 one-bedroom apartments in Moscow.

Depending on location prices on country residences with similar characteristics can vary by tens and hundreds of times. Experts ALSO compared the cost of the most expensive estates in different regions. And made a rating of agglomerations of Russia on the maximum value of the private households. “Thanks to the” Villa on the ruble Moscow region took the gold. In second place – the Russian capital, which, however, and nowhere near most expensive, behind neighbouring region more than two times.

– The highest high in the capital fixed at the level of 2.92 billion virtually any, – said the authors of the study. – The same amount estimated estate (560 sqm) on the territory of the Silver boron. And value is not even a house (although it deserves attention), and the land: 1,2 hectares of forest, 300 metres from the banks of the Moscow river.

“Bronze” took the suburbs of St. Petersburg. For the purchase of a private residence in the cottage on the Scandinavia highway (20 km from the ring road) you also need to pay more than billion roubles, to be exact – 1.04 billion Estate with an area of 970 sq. m built in classic English style. The house has a swimming pool, SPA-area, a fireplace room, a winter garden. And on a plot of 83 acres also includes professional tennis court.

Other regions are far behind the three leaders. The most expensive house in Krasnodar is 10 times less capital and more than 20 times smaller than the suburban. Virtually any 292 million in the capital of Kuban offers a cottage with an area of 795 sq. m, decorated in the Palace style.

In fifth place is Togliatti – a city which, together with the Samara forms the third largest agglomeration in Russia (Samara-Togliatti). The most expensive estate (200 million roubles) is located in the city centre, in the conservation area on the banks of the Volga. On the area of 2 hectares, built the present Palace. On the plot is ponds, fountains, a lighthouse, a private beach and a Marina.

The remaining “palaces” that ranked in the top 10, are from 120 to 160 million virtually any. It is noteworthy that they all, except for the house at 120 km from Nizhny Novgorod, located at the water Villa in the suburbs of Rostov-on-don – on the shore of the reservoir in the Aksay district; estate in Pereslavl – on the hill near Pleshcheyevo lake; a cottage in Novosibirsk – near the embankment of the river Ob; the Chalet-style house in Kazan on the first line of the Volga. Some sellers include the cost not only property, but also boats, jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles. However, even with such nice bonuses buyers in line for prestigious real estate yet are not aligned.

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