Died linguist, academician Andrei Zaliznyak


Moscow, January 24 – AIF-Moscow.

On 83-m to year of life died a famous Soviet and Russian linguist Andrei Zaliznyak. On the death of the scientist announced in a Facebook associate of Russian language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Sichinava.

Andrey Zaliznyak: not all the mystery of “the Word about Igor”s regiment” is still solved

Zaliznyak is a graduate of MSU, doctor of philological Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Famous for his works on word-formation and accentology of the Russian language.

Also engaged in the study of ancient texts, including the Novgorod birchbark documents.

Laureate of the State prize of Russia for his outstanding contribution to the development of linguistics. Also was awarded a Large gold medal named after Lomonosov award of a name of Alexander Solzhenitsyn for the proof of the authenticity of “the Word about Igor”s regiment”.

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