Doping scandal: Pichler punished for not listening to Chelsea

Selected for Sochi-2014 we have not all. Although the 13 awards we have already lost. Today the Russian team at the Olympic games in Sochi, there are 20 medals – 9 gold, 3 silver and 8 bronze. This is the latest at the moment of the decision of the International Olympic Committee following the Commission’s investigation of Oswald.

photo: Artem Makeev

We kind of already got used to the shock. But every new information is again a lump in his throat. This lump we will have to swallow for a long time.

And the new IOC decision again against Russia: punished 11 Russian athletes participating in the Games in 2014. Now, among the barred for life skiers Nikita Kryukov, Alexander Bessmertnykh and Natalia Matveeva, Luge albert Demchenko and Tatyana Ivanova, skaters Ivan Skobrev and Artem Kuznetsov, bobsledder Ludmila Dobkin and Maxim Belugin, hockey players Tatiana burina and Anna Shchukina.

“At the moment, the IOC has opened 46 cases according to the results of re-analysis of doping tests. All of them were considered. Were three not-guilty verdict. However, some investigations are still not complete and there may be new elements that will lead to the discovery of new cases and conduct new hearings”, – reads the statement of the IOC.

There is no doubt, “new items” will appear. Although difficult to imagine what. The acquittal was lucky enough to hear figure skater Adelina Sotnikova, a skater Denis Uskova, not even suspecting that the case is, and hockey players Anna Sohini.

But came from the IOC and the first of the foreign experts who worked in Russia during the Games, Wolfgang Pichler. Not used in time by the Council Dmitry Guberniev “suitcase – station – Ruhpolding!”, now – person “non grata” of the Olympic games–2018. But Pichler today – head coach of the biathlon national team of Sweden.

It is possible to create at least some positive public opinion of the world we like on hand. After all, that says the same today, absolutely. He was hurt and he was disappointed with the decision, which can not be called democratic. No, everyone believes him and know that he has always been against doping. But, in his opinion, only 50% of the words spoken by Rodchenkova, true and half – false.

We, of course, 50% is a bit much. Flying into black holes IOC the fate of not only the athletes of the Sochi stage of development of domestic sports. Burned the reputation of the perennial leaders. Zaitseva, Skobrev, Demchenko, Zubkov, lungs, Tretyakov… the lump in my throat.

Italian Walter Plaikner, who was the chief coach of Russia’s Luge during the Sochi Games, too, says that the accusations of Russian awesome – sledding doping can not be, it all depends on how you manage them.

“My heart tells me that they didn’t dope,” and it has already questioned the fairness of the punishment Luger Demchenko, Ivanova and five-time world champion Austrian Markus Prock. His heart desires the mind confirms: “In Luge, the doping is not needed, all the scandals were exclusively associated with Smoking marijuana.”

Yeah, obvious marijuana would be for us salvation – scratch and salt give a lifetime effect.

And we kind of got used to the new bitter messages. That’s just “chain letters” Rodchenkova all fly.

Already discussing a new – of the reasoning part of the solution for Zaitseva: April 2013, a high level of hemoglobin in biathletes. With the whole team.

They say to resolve the situation, it is necessary to bring it to the point of absurdity. Even it is difficult to assume what it can be to interrupt the current?

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