Dvorkovich estimated the 2018 world Cup football in money

What we’re left with that day when the final whistle of the final match of the world Cup in 2018? What will be the legacy, which they say is from the day when Vitaly Mutko, “Frome hiz HART” thanked FIFA for the confidence? Wednesday, April 25, the answer to these questions was given in Moscow presented a study on the impact of the world Cup on economic, social and environmental spheres.

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The study was presented by Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Arkady Dvorkovich and the General Director of the organizing Committee Alexei Sorokin. The main figure, a refrain sounded throughout the meeting, this is 1% of annual GDP. So the researchers estimate the total impact of the 2018 world Cup on gross domestic product for the years 2013-2018. In terms of money is 867 billion. Dvorkovich asked, was that taken into account when calculating the costs of organizing and holding or is it a net percent. “The percentage of net — said the Vice-Premier, — but I would not want to call these costs costs. This is wrong — it is an investment, not money spent to drink tea.”

A lot or a little — 1%? Mr Dvorkovich assured: a lot. “We are fighting for every tenth of a percent, because that’s the standard of living of the people,” he said. But then he explained that these 867 billion, an increase during the study, i.e. 5 years (2013 to 2018). The growth was on the rise, and the biggest was, of course, for the last year or about 0.4%.

Report this, speakers did not hide, in many ways preliminary. A significant proportion of the cost estimates are based on forecasts, including a forecast on the contribution to the economy from rising tourist flow during the world Cup and the five-year term.

It is expected that Russia will come 570 thousand foreign fans, the level of tourist expenditure will grow, including those that will not be enough to worry the world Cup. The cost will increase due to the longer stay (an average of 12 days, which is 2.5 times longer than conducted in a country other tourists) and the arrival of more solvent tourists. Well, then, when the prices of many services have not been canceled.

— In the next five years we expect, in the researchers ‘ opinion that the effect of increasing numbers of tourists will amount to 40-70 billion per year.

This fall the study promise to update, based on the evidence at the end of the world Cup and the polls:

— I wish they came to participate to foreigners, thanks to their “humble opinion” to assess the image effect from the world Cup we need now.

But, by the way, a small contribution it made just Dvorkovich Sorokin, perfectly and fluently responding in English to questions from foreign journalists set in Russian. Maybe it was not “from the HART”, but I “know criminality”.

However, the math for a month and a half need to brush up on. That journalist from the flagship of the French news Agency confused the tilde (a wavy line, meaning in mathematics is “approximately”, “circa”) with a minus. And asked at all: why the study estimated the proportion of effect in annual GDP from the world Cup in Brazil as the “minus 0.6”? But Dvorkovich Sorokin watched and wondered: is it a typo?!

Read more about the study of the impact of the world Cup on the economy and social sphere, read in the nearest numbers “MK”, and yet some figures.

■ Up to 220 thousand jobs created and supported for the years 2013-2018.

■ 150-210 billion — the expected annual impact on GDP in the five-year term.

■ 683 billion made up the total cost of the preparation and holding of the world Cup, including:

265 billion on sports infrastructure;

228 billion for transport infrastructure;

74 billion for housing, medical infrastructure and energy supply.

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