Entered into force decision on the claim to the Bulk of Usmanov

Artem Dergunov

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Moscow, 11 Aug – AIF-Moscow.

Today the Moscow city court refused to satisfy the complaint of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on the decision that was previously made at the suit of the businessman Alisher Usmanov, reports TASS.

Is it true that Usmanov has promised an iPhone for the best caricature in Bulk?

Usmanov has accused Navalny of slander following his allegations of corrupt ties of the businessman. The court found that the statements are unreliable Bulk and ordered him to remove the video. Navalny tried to challenge this decision, but the court left it in force. Lawyers for the opposition are going to continue to overturn the decision.

Meanwhile in a press-service of Usmanov commented on today’s decision of Moscow city court. “The court once again confirmed that all the statements of the Bulk do not correspond to reality, denigrates the honor, dignity and business reputation of the plaintiff. The appeal of the Respondent dismissed. The court ordered Navalny and FBK within 10 days to remove fragments of the film “you do not Dimon” and other publications containing false information discrediting the plaintiff, and to refute them”, – stated in the message.

Interpretation of the facts. Usmanov responded to the accusations of Navalny

Corruption in the underpayment of taxes to the state and wages to own employees, censorship Usmanov owns Kommersant that the accusations of the opposition look serious. Read more.

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