Every eighth supporter of trump expressed reluctance to vote for him

If U.S. presidential elections were held in this July, Donald trump would have been deprived of votes eighth of its supporters. Disappointment may affect the passage of the President’s initiatives through the Senate

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Every eighth citizen of the United States, voted in the elections in 2016 with Donald trump, would not give his vote for him if elections were held today. This is indicated by data of sociological surveys conducted by Reuters and Ipsos in may and July.

That they would not vote for trump, if elections were held now, said 12% of participants in the July survey. Of these, 7% said they did not know for whom they would vote, and 5% would support another candidate or do not go to the site. But 88% of respondents stated that they are ready to vote for trump in may was 82%.

Trump, who won the election over Hillary Clinton by a whisker, needs public support to spend their bills through Congress and have a chance to win the election in 2020, if the multi-millionaire decides to participate in them, writes Reuters. Trump’s victory in the elections guaranteed 306 electoral votes from the States, while Hillary Clinton got 232. But for Clinton were cast more votes than trump: 65,8 million compared to 62.9 million, the Agency notes that many presidents of the United States was losing the support of their constituents as of the expiration of their term of office, but for trump, because of the minimal gap between him and Clinton, the voices of ordinary citizens are important.

Voters who participated in the surveys identified different reasons for their frustration: words trump about members of the Democratic party, journalists and judges, and the fact that the team’s new President failed to change the atmosphere of acute party conflict in Washington. Some respondents stated that they are disappointed that their settlements did not disappear illegal immigrants.

The survey participants were only those citizens who spoke for whom they voted in the election. The Agency points out that the surveys conducted by other companies, show different levels of frustration supporters trump the President, the study by Reuters and Ipsos shows what number of them lost faith in him enough to vote for another candidate.

The first survey was conducted from 10 to 15 may, it was attended by 1206 people, including 543 voted for trump. The second survey lasted from July 11 to July 12, was attended by 1296 people, including their votes for Republicans last year gave up 541 people.

In July, the Washington Post and ABC News released the results of its own survey on the attitude of Americans to the President. According to its results it became clear that the trump endorsements only 36% of respondents, and the level of disapproval 58%.

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